The ASNC Board - 2022-2023

Who We Are
The Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council represents, as one of the only coalition councils in the City of Los Angeles, the communities of Montecito Heights, Monterey Hills, Mt. Washington and Sycamore Grove.

P.O. Box 42254
Los Angeles, CA 90042

Voicemail: 323-418-2762 (ASNC)

The ASNC Officers 2022-2023


Lynda Valencia


1st Vice President Joseph Desbarres

Secretary vacant
Treasurer Valerie Harragin
2nd Vice President Teresa Bonsell

1st Vice-President chairs the Rules and Elections Standing Committee
Treasurer chairs the Budget and Finance Standing Committee
2nd Vice-President chairs the Communications and Outreach Committee

Geographical Reps
- by community

Montecito Heights (2 seats)

Steve Austin....

Monterey Hills (2 seats)


Lynda Valencia

Mount Washington (4 seats)

Joseph DesBarres

Nicholas Manalo

Sycamore Grove (2 seats)


At-Large Reps

Tim Gillis

Valerie Harragin

Thomas Mapp

Alan Meier

Derek Ryder

Constance Villalvazo

Community Interest At Large Reps

Teresa Bonsell

Martha Benedict
Public Relations:
Brenda Rees
DONE Representative:
Dina Andrews

ASNC Documents

ASNC Bylaws
ASNC Standing Rules

DONE website - Department of Neighborhood Empowerment