Some Helpful Online Tools

Local Links and Tools

There are any number of local websites that one might find useful while participating in the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council.

We'll provide easy access to a variety of other websites related to the ASNC, our municipal Departments and our City, State and Federal

See if you can come up with some other sites you'd like to see listed
. But for starters, here are some sites we think will be useful:

Local Links and Tools

Neighborhood Councils

Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE)

Alliance of Neighborhood Councils

Citywide Issues Group -

LA's Neighborhood Link - over 4400 local websites

Planning web sites

Department of Planning, Zoning Information and Map Access System (ZIMAS)

Department of Public Works, Bureau of Engineering, NavigateLA

Department of Building and Safety, Parcel Profile Report (General Information)

Property Activity Report, Building Permit Information

Los Angeles County Office of the Assessor, Parcel Viewer

LA Police Department / Public Safety

LAPD Online - the official LAPD site

LA Community Policing -

LAPD Board of Police Commissioners

LA City Attorney - Neighborhood Prosecutors

City of Los Angeles

City of Los Angeles - main page

City of Los Angeles - your government

City of Los Angeles - for business

City of Los Angeles - for residents

LA Early Notification System - email sign up lists

LA County, State, Federal

Los Angeles Board of Supervisors - online info

State Of California - elected officials

Federal Government - elected officials


South Pasadena Preservation Foundation