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Date: March 5, 2011 5:18:40 PM PST


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Subject: [ASNCAdmin] Fwd: ASNC Application for Funds Form Submission ($2000 CERT Vest/Helmets)



To:  ASNC Board


The following $2000 community project funding request (Category: Public Safety) to purchase CERT vests and helmets is being forwarded to the Public Safety Committee for review.  


This exceeds the ASNC Public Safety budget for the year and therefore funding cannot  be approved until April (once other project commitments have all been allocated and remaining funds released).


Mark Legassie

Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council, Treasurer

Department of Neighborhood Empowerment

City of Los Angeles


Ph: 323-895-MARK (6275)








Organization:  ASNC Public Safety Cmte


Street Address:  6140 Monterey Rd, Unit 430


City, State, ZIP:  Los Angeles, CA 90042


Contact Person:  Mark Legassie


Email Address:


Contact Person's Telephone:  323-895-6275


Amount Requested ($):  $2000


Funding Need Date (mm/dd/yy): 4/15/11


Total Project Budget if applying for event or capital project ($): $5000


Donations received (or expected) for this project from businesses, citizens, other gov't entities ($):  $3000


Community Project Category (select one) - examples provided denote only a sampling of the types of projects available and are not a complete list:


Public Safety – e.g. gang violence reduction, emergency preparedness supplies, neighborhood watch signs, public transportation issues. 


1.         Summary of Request:  In the space below, briefly describe the purpose of the request, activities to be undertaken, target population —including ethnicity, gender, income level and estimated number of individuals — geographic focus and other relevant info regarding the request.


Purchase $2000 supply of Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) green safety helmets and vests for graduates of future CERT classes held within ASNC boundaries (B2 & B7).  The LAFD no longer has the funds to purchase these items which used to be handed out to all graduates.  As a result the class in Hermon which is starting Mar 15th for 7 weeks will not receive gear if this is not approved.  CERT's entire identify is defined by this safety clothes.   It's very important that other organization help pick up this missing piece of CERT funding.  The LAFD will continue to pay for the majority of the costs (ie. conducting CERT classes free of charge), as well as help ASNC secure a bulk discount of vests and helmets through their distributor, SOS Survival Products.


2.        How will the community be impacted by the proposed project and how will it benefit the neighborhood?  


Having CERT green helmets and vests for graduates will help residents identify those community leaders that are trained to help after a major crisis or disaster.  Also, this safety gear will help protect CERT volunteers out helping the community.  Just seeing a person walking down the street with an official vest and helmet conjures feelings of safety and that help has arrived.


3.        How has your organization attempted to obtain donations from local businesses, citizens, and/or govÕt agencies to offset expenses for this community project?


No donations have been solicited yet, but we plan on approaching local business to help with the next batch of helmets and vests once our supply runs outs.


4. In what ways will the ASNC's financial support of this project be acknowledged & publicized?


ASNC will be prominently featured on the CERT training flyers, as well as being acknowledged at the class and duration graduation exercises when the vests and helmets are distributed.


5.        If this is for a capital improvement project, specify location and permits obtained (or in-process of obtaining).  Provide copies of permits and insurance with application.  




6.        If this is for program services (ie. after-school program, graffiti removal, etc), describe the selection process used to establish participants if for select group of individuals.  Provide number of participants.   




7.        If this is for equipment and supplies, describe specifically who will benefit and how it will be controlled. 


All residents will benefit from knowing who is trained in the community to help them when City officials are overwhelmed and cannot.  The vests and helmets will be stored in the ASNC Emergency Storage Bin in Hermon and be controlled by the ASNC Public Safety Cmte.


8.        If this is for an event, describe the intended audience, location and entry requirements.  




9.        If this is for a sign, banner or advertisement, describe the contents.  Provide a copy of the artwork with the application.   Note: Banners, signs and advertisements must include the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood CouncilÕs name and/or logo.




10.     Other - please provide other important information necessary to better understand your organization or the specific needs of the targeted group or community that this request will serve.


DECLARATION: By checking the box below the applicant named above declares that the information provided in this form is correct. Agree


This application requires the following supporting documents be provided to ASNC before approval can be obtained.  EMAIL DOCUMENTS TO ASNCTREASURER@GMAIL.COM.  Check all boxes that apply. Copy of estimate/invoice (actual bill req'd for payment)



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