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Animal Welfare Committee


Meeting Area, Fresco Community Market, 5914 Monterey Rd, LA CA 90042

Wed, Mar 9, 2011 – 7:30 p.m.


I.          Opening remarks and welcome to membership *

II.        Stakeholder comments on non-agenda items within the scope of committee’s mandate ** (2 mins. ea.).


III.       Old Business:  None

A.   Resolving Barking Dog (Noise) Issues - easy step-by-step solution to handle barking dogs in your neighborhood

B.    Fixing Neighborhood Cats - where to get help with spay/neuter, strays in your backyard, & low-cost food

C.    Finding A Stray Dog – what to do if one shows up on your doorstep (inc. info on leash law)

D.     Locating Pet Adoption & Animal Rescue Groups in ASNC area – including FAST, FHDP, A Dog Life’s Rescue, www.petfinder.com, Kitten Rescue, LA Feeders, Stray Cat Alliance, FixNation – contact info for most groups listed in Pet Press magazine (available free at all City shelter) and at http://www.rescueguide.com/larescue.html

IV.       New Business:

E.    New Animal Welfare Funding Requests – Discussion of the following motion:

a.     $1250, DAWS Operating Fund – Motion to allocate up to $1250 for the establishment of an ASNC Director of Animal Welfare (DAWS) operating fund designed to cover emergency medical costs incurred from the rescue of injured, sick and/or intact neighborhood cats & dogs in ASNC communities.  Just in February 2011 alone, 3 lost dogs were turned to Lacy St.  Also in February, two sick cats received sutures, steroid injections and antibiotics totaling over $200 -- which volunteers paid using personal funds.  Medical expenses are kept to a minimum by bringing these animals to low-cost non-profit vet centers including Fixnation and Animal Rescue Center.   These helpless neighborhood animals are the responsibility of all stakeholders, since it was humans that were responsible for bringing them here.  [Request Originator: Mark Legassie, Director of Animal Welfare, ASNC]

C.    Next Meeting Date – TBD

D.   Adjournment


* The ASNC Animal Welfare Committee is open to all Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council stakeholders

** (from ASNC Bylaws): ART. VIII (COMMITTEES) All committees shall be composed of both board and non-board members. 

The purpose of the ASNC [is to]: 1) Provide a forum for discussion and review of ASNC issues and projects; 2) Engage stakeholders in deliberation and collaboration on matters affecting the community; 3) Promote participation in City governance and decision making processes, and to promote greater awareness and utilization of city services available to (ASNC) stakeholders; 4) Work with other neighborhood councils, communities and organizations on issues of common interest; 5) Advocate ASNC issues to government and private agencies, where there is widespread community agreement; 6) Inform and educate community stakeholders and residents of forthcoming projects, events, and resources available.


[Please direct questions about this meeting announcement to animal_welfare@asnc.us]