Public Safety Committee



Ramona Hall Lobby

4580 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90065

Wed, July 14, 2010 –7:00 p.m.


I.          Opening remarks and welcome to membership *

II.        Stakeholder comments on non-agenda items within the scope of committee’s mandate ** (2 mins. ea.).


III.       Old Business:

A.   Status of Northeast Gang-Reduction program funded by ASNC ($2500 approved for LA’s 2010 Summer Night Lites program which provides night-time alternatives for gang members at local parks).


IV.       New Business:

A.   Planning for next ASNC CERT communications drill using inexpensive FRS and amateur radios – tentatively scheduled for July 31st in the LAFD Battalion 2/7 areas (and possibly Battalion/Division headquarters).

B.    Motion to update the ASNC Disaster Communications Manual to change the FRS channel to channel 2 (to correspond with Battalion 2), as well as to include a new backup channel ( the current chanel 12).

C.    Motion to provide up to $150 in community project funds to cover expenses at next ASNC CERT communications drill to practice FRS and amateur radio communications skills.  Funds to cover food and water for volunteers as well as promotional materials [Category: Safety].

D.   Discussion on how to spend the allotted ASNC community project Public Safety funds for 2010-2011 (amount budgeted based on budget survey recently conducted which will be revealed immediately prior to this meeting at the ASNC Budget & Finance Cmte meeting at same location – 6:30pm);

E.     Motion to provide up to $100 in community project funds to cover promotional materials and refreshments for students at the next local CERT class scheduled in the ASNC area in September [Category: Safety].

F.     Next Public Safety Meeting (TBD) .


 V.       Adjournment.


* The ASNC Budget and Finance Committee is open to all Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council stakeholders

** (from ASNC Bylaws): ART. VIII (COMMITTEES) All committees shall be composed of both board and non-board members.  The following Standing Committee[s] shall be established.  3) Budget and Finance Committee shall be chaired by the Treasurer.  The committee shall be responsible for the oversight and admin of all ASNC financial matters, & shall present a proposed budget for board approval annually.


The purpose of the ASNC [is to]: 1) Provide a forum for discussion and review of ASNC issues and projects; 2) Engage stakeholders in deliberation and collaboration on matters affecting the community; 3) Promote participation in City governance and decision making processes, and to promote greater awareness and utilization of city services available to (ASNC) stakeholders; 4) Work with other neighborhood councils, communities and organizations on issues of common interest; 5) Advocate ASNC issues to government and private agencies, where there is widespread community agreement; 6) Inform and educate community stakeholders and residents of forthcoming projects, events, and resources available.


[Please direct questions about this meeting announcement to the committee chair at ASNCtreasurer@gmail.com]