Public Safety

Public Safety Committee

ASNC Emergency Response Plan - revised July 1, 2009

The ASNC Public Safety Committee has cancelled it's next monthly meeting in Mt. Washington.


Public Safety
Committee Meeting

Sat, August 15, 2009
10:00am - 11:00am


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  Public Safety Agenda (pdf file format)
To:  All Mt. Washington Residents

GREAT NEWS- I've just heard from a Mt. Washington stakeholder that your community already has organized Neighborhood Watch Teams!   I was not aware of this and apologize for attempting to start an umbrella start-up team in your community.

As a  result of this revelation, there is *no* need for a  NW Formation Meeting (originally scheduled for 8/15), which I have cancelled.

If you would like your 8 free NW signs for Mt. Washington (compliments of ASNC), please provide the appropriate authorization information to the ASNC as required by the City.  Note: Approval is required from the LAPD, BSL, and DoT.  Once this is done the ASNC can provide the signs to your community.


Mark S. Legassie
(323) 823-3046
Public Safety Committee, Chair
Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council

Mt. Washington CERT Team Formation Meeting

Drills, Training, Events, Opportunities
August 15, 2009
10 am - 11 am

Mt. Washington CERT Team Formation Meeting

Residents of Mt. Washington & surrounding communities of Northeast LA: YOU'RE INVITED!! The Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council (ASNC) has recently formed a new grass-roots CERT Team in Mt. Washington in an attempt to bring together the many CERT responders from this area.

To assist with this effort, the ASNC will be holding it's next monthly Public Safety Cmte meeting in Mt. Washington's Cleland Bicentennial Park (860 Cleland Ave, 90065) on Sat, 8/15 from 10:00am-11:00am. If you're from the Mt. Washington area or surrounding Northeast LA communities we encourage you to come meet your fellow CERT neighbors!

The agenda thus far includes: 8/15 Agenda - ASNC Public Safety Cmte:

1) Define the goals of the newly formed Mt. Washington CERT team
2) Determine the dates of a new Mt.Washington CERT training class with LAFD
3) Review a proposed $2000 emergency supplies request from ASNC for Mt. Washington residents in case of a disaster

We really hope you can attend this important grass-roots meeting. Please invite your family, friends, and neighbors as well.

Mark Legassie
ASNC CERT Teams Coordinator
Public Safety Cmte, Chair Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council
(323) 823-3046


ASNC - Hermon CERT Tarp Drill Synopsis

I just love this picture taken by Martha Benedict of the ASNC booth at the CERT drill -- look at how she surrounds our banner with lush greenery, making Hermon look like a jungle.  After seeing her professional photos today, it's obvious she has a special talent for bringing events alive. Take a look at Martha's wonderful pictures:

ASNC sposored event in Hermon, 07/25/09
photos by Martha Benedict

Aslo, check out this ABC 7 Eyewitness News TV story about our very own NELA CERT Team!!  It aired on Sat, July 25th on the Noon Edition. This CERT drill was sponsored by the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council. Drill_Coverage.html
Click on the Play (right arrow) button if video doesn't start automatically.



p.s.  I've heard we got 6 new stakeholders registered today, thanks to Joe & Wendi!


To: Attendees CERT IC Volunteers, Responders, Victims & Moulage Artists:

I would like to personally thank all of the volunteers who attended the ASNC-sponsored Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) drill in Hermon yesterday. 44 CERT Responders (several L2 and L3s) participated in helping to treat 28 victims with simulated injuries after a pretend 7.0 earthquake damaged their building. The victims did a tremendous job acting out their injuries, and watching responders saving lives made me unbelievably proud to be a CERT member! The volunteer IC staff was top-rate and ran their posts admirably and professionally.

To sweeten the day, Channel 7 ABC showed up and videotaped the event. A short clip appeared on the Sat news noon edition. Luckily Cynthia taped the clip and we plan to show the clip at our next Hermon Safety Committee/Neighborhood Watch meeting on Aug 27th in Hermon.

Supporting this drill were the LAFD, who brought 2 engines and an EMT van, along with the LAPD and the world-famous Joe Blasco Makeup School ( A huge thanks to them who helped make this event a success!

Below is a great event synopsis along with pictures from Richard Lechner, who is leading efforts in the Chatsworth area to increase awareness of the CERT program. Many thanks to Richard and all others who took pics, including Martha Benedict our official photographer. I am in process of compiling a complete photo diary of the event so stay tuned!

Mark your calendars next July for our next drill, which will focus on a different area to make training as well-rounded as possible.


Mark Legassie
Incident Commander - 7/25 CERT Drill
Public Safety Cmte
Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council

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Hello Neighbors,

Today I attended the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council's sponsored CERT Drill. See Drill.html for more details. This was the first CERT Drill I have ever attended and it was an amazing experience!! ! I was one of the victims suffering from a heart attack.

The scenario for this simulated drill was as follows.

A large 7.0 magnitude earthquake has struck.
Roads are impassible.
An apartment building has been moderately damaged.
The apartment building had caught on fire but the fire was put out.
There are multiple injured victims in the building.
The injured need to be evacuated out of the building and transported to a safe location to be treated.
The injuries range from minor cuts, bruises and sprains, walking wounded on the green tarp.
The moderately injured suffering from worse cuts bruises and injuries on the yellow tarp.
The seriously injured, on the red tarp included compound fractures, 3rd degree burns, a pregnant women gone into labor, one victim had glass sticking out of his lower leg, very serious back injuries and heart attack victims.

There were people moaning, screaming, limping around dazed and confused etc. Everyone tried to make this as real as possible. It's the only way the CERT people can practice and improve their skills.

There were makeup artists there today to Moulage some of the victims. Moulage is is the art of applying mock injuries for the purpose of training Emergency Response Teams and other medical and military personnel. Some of these injuries looked very real. The following snap shots will give you an idea of what the CERT Training was about today.

One last word. Today was a practice drill for a real event that WILL happen. It is only a matter of when that will be. I urge everyone to get involved in CERT Training. Learn how to take care of your families first and then be able to help your neighbors with your knowledge and training. Not to try and scare anyone, but this training could very well make a difference in the survival of your loved ones and neighbors. Get involved before it's too late. For more information on CERT check out

Please get involved. This Chatsworth community needs you. Our Safe Neighborhood Watch group needs you. I am starting my CERT Training August 25th at Northrop Grumman. If any of you neighbors would like to join me, class starts on August 25 at 6:00 pm at Fire Station 84 (West of Keiser on Burbank Blvd. Park in the NE corner of the Northrop Grumman parking lot, next to the Fire station. The community room is on the West side of the building. If you want to sign up for the class please contact Frank Vitale at Northrop Grumman 818-719-7565 and let him know that you're part of the Safe Neighborhood Watch Group.

I would like to thank Mark Legassie and all the volunteers for making this drill possible today. I was impressed!

Now the pictures from today will follow ...

Best Regards,

Richard Lechner
Safe Neighborhood Watch Team Member



Here is a sampling of kudos to ASNC about the CERT drill yesterday!  The most important is from Barb Dakin, who has led several drills in Silver Lake and is the true inspiration for the Hermon drill!!  She was integral in the early planning stages for this and thought up the idea to spend an hour training prior to the drill -- which turned out to be a big hit :-)

I attribute most of the success, however, to Cindy Sanchez who single-handedly taught everyone basic first aid skills and then led the most stressful tarp (red)!  Her teaching skills had everyone captivated and definitely contributed to the success of this drill.   As owner of Planet Doggy in Pasadena .. .. Cindy is a certified ARC instructor in Pet First Aid & Human First Aid/CPR!!  She will be holding first aid classes in the near future, so if interested please send an email to  I for one will be taking her next class.

Most importantly, this drill would NEVER have happened without the generous support of the ASNC.  Thanks to our neighborhood council for approving the purchase of moulage material as well as the original drill supplies!

Mark Legassie
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[from: SLNC PS Cmte]

Your team did an amazing job today!!! Your ASNC organization was truly excellent!!! !  Great turn-out and Cindy's training was the best!!!!! 

Everyone learned allot and had fun doing so.   I look forward to getting your report on the actual number of attendees, both victims and responders and what part of LA they came from.   Did you tape the Channel 7 clip and if so, can you put it on U-tube for those of us who couldn't watch
it to see?

Sorry Cat and I had to leave while you were in the middle of your acknowledgements so couldn't say good bye.

I REALLY enjoyed being able to participate in the drill as a responder so a million thank-yous for taking on this drill and giving me and my team a break!

Warmest regards,

Barb Dakin (SLNC PS Cmte Chair)
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Hello Neighbors,

Today I attended the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council's sponsored CERT Drill. See Drill.html  for more details. This was the first CERT Drill I have ever attended and it was an amazing experience!! ! I was one of the victims suffering from a heart attack.

There were people moaning, screaming, limping around dazed and confused etc. Everyone tried to make this as real as possible. It's the only way the CERT people can practice and improve their skills.

Richard Lechner
Safe Neighborhood Watch Team Member
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Congratulations on a great Drill!!!

Angela Visca
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Wow, All the way to Chatsworth.  Some awesome effects from this drill, Mark.   Well done.

Cat (Charlene Tebar-SLNC PS Cmte)


Letter to the LA Fire Dept - In Appreciation for CERT Drill Help / Support - from ASNC Public Safety Committee

Approval Received from City for Public Safety Committee's Neighborhood Watch Signs!

Great news -- approval has been received for the installation for every single location the ASNC Public Safety Committee proposed for Neighborhood Watch signs!  See the LA DOT's attached letter.   We originally had a couple of the addresses incorrect (wrong side of street or near wrong light post) but after speaking with them today on the phone the changes have been made!

The ASNC will contacting Huizar's office regarding 4 free signs, and will also purchase 4 signs for Hermon based on the recent ASNC funding approval.  Plans are to install sometime in mid-August after the ASNC purchases the signs and installation tools.  If your Home Owners Association has approved signs for your neighborhood please contact me ASAP regarding payment.

Mark Legassie
Public Safety Committee, Chair
Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council