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Do you have a motion or announcement for the ASNC Board?

If you want a motion or an announcement made before the ASNC Board, complete the Agenda Request Form as instructed below as soon as possible, preferably on or before the second Tuesday of the month to give the Agenda Setting Committee time to review.

All supporting documents must be emailed as PDF files to – type “ASNC Agenda Request Supporting Document(s)” in the Subject line.

• If the request comes from an ASNC Committee, name it, the date the motion was passed and the vote count.

• If your motion requests a letter be written, email to the language you wish in final signature-ready form including names, titles, and addresses of addressees and CCs.

• If your request is incomplete, the ASNC Secretary will reply with details of what needs to be included.

• If your request involves a request for funding, please leave this page and go to

Your request may be referred to an appropriate ASNC Committee for review and recommendation before being placed on a Board Agenda, depending on the assessment of the Agenda Setting Committee.

Fill out the form below to submit an Agenda Request.

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