Motions passed by ASNC
Date Resolution  Funds Approved (recurring - annual)   Funds Approved (one-time) 
2/12/2004 Move that the ASNC give its support to the acquisition of Flat Top by the Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy, which would entail signing on as a supporter and sending a letter.   n/a 
2/12/2004 ASNC joins the Friends of the Southwest Museum Coalition as a supporter.  n/a 
2/12/2004 The ASNC Board co-sponsor the CalTrans presentation on the Draft Corridor Master Plan Presentation on 2/26, 7pm at the River Center  n/a 
2/12/2004 ASNC monitor the Gold Line related proceedings regarding South Pasadena's proposed quiet zone and as soon as they are completed we reserve the right to have our own hearings  n/a 
2/12/2004 The ASNC authorize the president to respond in the name of ASNC to the Federal Government on the Federal Railroad Administration's proposed quiet zone rules via e-mail and that she have the power to do that in the ASNC's name.   n/a 
2/23/2004 A pledge of $2,000.00 will go to Mount Washington Elementary school for the amphitheatre under the condition that at the next ASNC meeting, the Mount Washington Elementary School PTA come back with a hard budget and grant status, subject to matching funds  $     2,000.00
2/23/2004 ASNC write a letter of support for the Hermon Dog Park  n/a 
2/23/2004 The ASNC shall support the Mount Washington Community and joins in its petition to the Board of Education of the Los Angeles Unified School District to name the new building:  The Denny and Jack Smith Library & Community Center  n/a 
2/23/2004 Send a letter of support to GPIA and GPNC for Preservation of Walnut Canyon   n/a 
2/23/2004 support to the Mount Washington School PTA for another matching grant to build more amphitheater seats  n/a 
2/23/2004 Budget for Outreach materials have been designed for a number of projects (110 Corridor Master Plan, Special Meetings,
2/23/2004 Interim Stakeholder Registration Rules - adopt same rules and use the existing stakeholder registration forms.  n/a 
2/23/2004 Budget be adopted as proposed and as a goal, 80% of community projects spending requires at least 1 to 1 matching funding from other sources, either as cash or in-kind donations  n/a 
3/22/2004 write a letter thanking Mayor Hahn (cc: Councilmembers Ed Reyes and Antonio Villaraigosa) for his wise decision to preserve and enhance the Cultural Affairs Department  n/a 
3/22/2004 supports the position taken by the LA-32 Neighborhood Council to preserve the 110-acre open space area known as Elephant Hill (or the Heavens),   n/a 
3/22/2004 join the LA Open Space Coalition  n/a 
3/22/2004 Development on Santa Fe Hill: take a negative stance and demand an EIR from the developer, and direct the opposition to call for the complete EIR   n/a 
3/22/2004 sponsor a multi-area cleanup in Sycamore Grove, Hermon and Montecito Heights on April 24th   n/a 
3/22/2004 supporting the efforts of the Northeast Transportation Coalition to secure DASH line service for our community  n/a 
3/22/2004 Public Safety Committee be formed as an ad hoc committee   n/a 
5/3/2004 Budget Revisions: Officers/committee chairs allowed up to $40.00 per quarter in expenses incurred in preparation for meetings   $        160.00
- $1000.00 for redesign of ASNC Website payable over six months at $166.67 per month
 $     1,000.00
- $600 per month for webmaster services
 $     7,200.00
- Brochures-3 per year at printing cost of $285.00 each
 $        855.00
- Web hosting $100 per year
 $        100.00
- Bulletin Board software $100
 $        100.00
5/3/2004 Request the mayor to expedite official procedures involved in accomplishing the preservation of this historic work of art, the Siqueros Mural  n/a 
5/3/2004 Support maximum reuse of the Ambassador Hotel with respect to disposition of the site as one or more schools  n/a 
5/3/2004 Meeting Minutes from Previous Meeting - Approved   n/a 
5/3/2004 Hospitality subcommittee be established   n/a 
5/3/2004 Expenses for the current meetings hospitality be paid
5/3/2004 Approve of the right to hold local issues meeting within a neighborhood association meeting  n/a 
5/3/2004 Oppose the granting by the City of Los Angeles as a CUP to Cingular Wireless to build a cellular project on Flat Top Hill in Northeast Los Angeles  n/a 
5/3/2004 Oppose the elimination of the Environmental Affairs Department of the City of Los Angeles  n/a 
5/3/2004 Support community efforts to not accept development of Red Hawk Canyon as proposed  n/a 
5/3/2004 activation of the Early Notification System   n/a 
5/3/2004 Approve of deputy registrars Scott Burleigh, Martha Benedict and Pat Griffith  n/a 
5/3/2004 Budget Revisions:  Committee's are allowed up to $50.00 per month in meeting expenses
5/3/2004 Budget Revisions:  Petty Cash of $500 should be available at all times for emergencies
5/24/2004 Allocation to plant trees in each of the ASNC communities in the amount of $1,000.00 per community for a total of $5000, with an ad-hoc sub-committee to be chaired by Jerry Schneider   $     5,000.00
5/24/2004 ASNC to agree to join with the other neighborhood councils in the Northeast in forming a federation, and will encumber $200.00 for outreach.   $        200.00
5/24/2004 $2,500.00 be given to the MHIA to produce planting in the parkway of native plants and tree wells, a river rock bench and awning of the market, more attractive trash containers in a river rock motif.  $     2,500.00
5/24/2004 Reserved a separate time, date and place be assigned to discuss Inclusionary Zoning so that the applicable experts can come to speak on this topic.
5/24/2004 A letter of support for LAFD Safety and Education Unit be drafted and sent to all applicable recipients in the LAFD and the City.  n/a 
5/24/2004 ASNC endorsement of the Solar Photovoltaic Incentive Program with recommendation for equal distribution of funding in each of the three funding categories, small business and residential, large business, and DWP sponsored projects; and that the Incentive Program not be approved or begun until such an equitable distribution of funding allocations is made  n/a 
5/24/2004 A special meeting shall be held to encumber funds remaining in our funding cycle  n/a 
5/24/2004 Montecito Heights sign shall be removed from their current places and placed according to ASNC boundaries   n/a 
5/24/2004 Request for Councilmember Villaraigosa to expedite an investigation into extensive uncompleted development of three houses located at approximately 951-955 Oneonta Drive   n/a 
5/24/2004 Join COASO and appoint Jerry Schneider as our liaison  n/a 
6/10/2004 ASNC allocates $1,275 towards the "110 Runs Through It" project  $     1,275.00
6/10/2004 Hermon Annual Picnic banner $225  $        225.00
6/10/2004 Allocation to plant trees in each of the ASNC communities in the amount of $1,000.00 per community for a total of $5000, with an ad-hoc sub-committee to be chaired by Jerry Schneider   motion repeated 
6/10/2004 Allocate funding for Communications and Outreach Committee needs, including an end-of-summer picnic, stationery, business cards (budgeted amount detailed in later motions).
6/10/2004 Approve amended budget  n/a 
6/10/2004 ASNC Public Safety committee to meet regularly together with the Montecito Heights Neighborhood Watch meeting (generally at 7pm on the second Wednesday of the month at the Montecito Heights Senior Center).  n/a 
6/28/2004 ASNC to support the event celebrating National Night Out" by allocation to the CPAB $300.00  $        300.00
6/28/2004 ASNC match the $5,000 designated by the Cultural Affairs Department to support the Monterey Hills Jazz Festival, provided that the ASNC will get a free booth, same sponsorship as other sponsors and the opportunity to address the crowd   $     5,000.00
6/28/2004 That the ASNC budget be approved with the changes made to office expenses, also to be revised regarding elections related expenses and outreach.   n/a 
6/28/2004 An ad hoc committee form to explore ways take action to resolve traffic issues on Woodside drive and any draft letters to be written be at the discretion of that subcommittee and the president  n/a 
6/28/2004 The president is authorized to write a letter seeking code enforcement at the Bedford Apartment Construction site on Figueroa with a copy to the councilman's office   n/a 
6/28/2004 Arts, Recreation and Culture Forum seeks formal recognition as an official ad-hoc subcommittee to provide support, discussion, analysis and back-up for the Arts, Recreation and Culture representative of the ASNC, with an encouragement for all to participate; That the Board of the ASNC ask that all arts/recreation/cultural projects be submitted to the ASNC's Arts, Recreation and Culture Forum for review before being presented for funding to the Board   n/a 
6/28/2004 Adopt the election procedures as presented by the Committee  n/a 
6/28/2004 Letter of commitment to be sent to DWP appointing Jerry Schneider as the ASNC representative to DWP NC Workgroup  n/a 
7/26/2004 ASNC urges CD14 to request the Department of Building and Safety immediately get enforcement of code violations, meet with the owner(s) and report back to us in 3 months with a plan of action. Additionally, CD14 shall immediately contact the City Attorney to determine legal options available to the community   n/a 
7/26/2004 Candidate Recruitment Committee formed. Carol Jacques, Jim Thompson, Diane Ryan, Rose Aleman, Ida Simms, Wendi Riser and Donnette Thayer were nominated and accepted.   n/a 
7/26/2004 ASNC write a letter to commend City Council for reinstating the Wildlife Officer program and that ASNC be updated quarterly on the status of the officers  n/a 
7/26/2004 ASNC shall sponsor local community projects in Debs Park and Elyria Canyon on National Public Lands Day, September 18, 2004  n/a 
7/26/2004 ASNC should work with adjoining Neighborhood Councils and other community organiztions to organize a forum to provide LAUSD with community input regarding: curricula and facilities for the new Taylor Yard High School  n/a 
7/26/2004 That ASNC request placement of "Mount Washington" signs at locations defined by the ASNC boundaries as follows: Isabel and Roseview, Museum Drive and Marmion, Marmion and Avenue 42, Marmion and Avenue 45, Marmion and Mt. Washington Drive, Jessica and Division Street, Jessica and Cleland, Palmero and Division Street, Oneonta and El Paso, Division and El Paso, Sunnyheights and Divison   n/a 
7/26/2004 ASNC should hold a forum pertaining to speeding, stop signs, traffic, mitigations, parking issues and traffic flow. Participants should include Department of Transportation, LAPD and LAFD representatives, Department of Sanitation representatives  n/a 
7/26/2004 Amend standing rules section of the bylaws regarding Deputy Registrars which now reads "The Registrar shall, at his or her discretion, nominate one or more members of the Outreach and Communications Committee to serve as Deputy Registrars." shall in the future read "The Registrar shall, at his or her discretion, nominate any number of registered stakeholders to serve as Deputy Registrars."   n/a 
8/23/2004 $500 allocated toward printing of the programs for October Surprise arts event  $        500.00
8/23/2004 ASNC recommends that the City not implement the planned Avenue 19 Bridge Replacement Project until a comprehensive master plan for the greater Confluence Park area has been developed and adopted with community participation and an opposing viewpoint presented  n/a 
8/23/2004 ASNC affirms their commitment that the use at the present site of Pacific Christian School shall remain exclusively as a school  n/a 
8/23/2004 ASNC should facilitate application for historic protection and preservation of Pacific Christian School  n/a 
8/23/2004 ASNC should arrange a public meeting, to be organized in cooperation with the Glassell Park Neighborhood Council and the Greater Cypress Park Neighborhood Council, to define the community boundaries of Mount Washington, with a public meeting to be held in December 2004  n/a 
8/23/2004 ASNC should request that CD 14 obtain City Council commendation for Jeremy Poindexter and the scouts of Boy Scout Troop 5 in recognition of their community service in cleaning up the Olancha-Oneonta stairway  n/a 
8/23/2004 October 9, 2004 be selected as the date for the ASNC picnic  n/a 
8/23/2004 That the ASNC not participate in the Mayor's budget survey  n/a 
8/23/2004 The ASNC accept the election procedures as approved by DONE so as to empower the committee to make any additional changes beyond this part, as long as it does not change the character of ASNC's election process.  n/a 
9/27/2004 The ASNC will contribute $300 to the Sycamore Grove bandshell sign project once the sign language was determined and approved by the Board.  $        300.00
9/27/2004 The Council confirmed its recommendation from August that the City not implement the planned Avenue 19 Bridge Replacement Project for a minimum of two years, or until a comprehensive master plan for the greater Confluence Park area has been developed and adopted with community participation until an opposing viewpoint can be presented.  n/a 
9/27/2004 ASNC confirmed retaining the host community's choice of "Hermon Dog Park" as the most appropriate name for that facility, in light of its location and last year's renaming of the park that will contain it to "Hermon Park". Further, the ASNC will send this confirmation to the City's Recreation and Parks Department, Councilmember Villaraigosa's office and staff, and immediately adjacent neighborhood council boards.   n/a 
9/27/2004 ASNC reduced its request for Mt. Washington signs to two, one at El Paso and Division and one sign at Roseview and Isabel, and will send letters to both council members.   n/a 
9/27/2004 A letter will be sent to the property owner of the site for the Taylor Yard High School asking for a good faith effort to promptly finalize the land sale transaction with LAUSD.   n/a 
9/27/2004 The ASNC Picnic has been postponed indefinitely.   n/a 
9/27/2004 A police officer from the Hollenbeck Division was involved in a tragic off-duty accident, resulting in the death of his child. The ASNC will send a letter of condolence to the officer's family via the Hollenbeck Commanding Officer, Captain Bill Fierro.   n/a 
10/25/2004 The ASNC will hire an administrative assistant to help with some of the photocopying, posting and mailing tasks, with the hours of use being up to 5 hours per week. The administrative assistant help all the board members, not just the President, and will be hired for a trial period with an evaluation after 90 days.  $     3,600.00
10/25/2004 The ASNC will allocate $250 be used to help with costs associated with the Northeast Neighborhood Council Mayoral Debate. The ASNC will invite other community groups to also participate in the debate.   $        250.00
10/25/2004 The ASNC will allocate up to 50% of the cost of la Sinfonica del Barrio, a Classical Concert, based on the estimate presented of $5,500, provided that the concert be free and open to the public, held within the ASNC boundaries, and that such a concert will incorporate students from our schools, either as choral and/or musical accompanist. This concert should however be revisited annually to evaluate its effectiveness as an outreach tool and ascertain the community's participation. Lastly, the time and place of such a concert should be approved by the ASNC's Communications and Outreach committee.  n/a   $     2,250.00
10/25/2004 The ASNC will spend $2,498.75 for Phase I of the beautification process at Latona Elementary School in Montecito Heights.  $     2,498.75
10/25/2004 The ASNC will grant up to $300.00 to the Carlin G. Smith Recreation Center for use in conjunction with the Halloween Carnival.   $        300.00
10/25/2004 The ASNC will send two letters about Taylor Yard State Park to the Parks and Rec department in support of grants for sports field development; specifically, four basketball courts and soccer field lighting, as well as a children's play area and splash pad for the water play area.  n/a 
10/25/2004 The ASNC will send a letter supporting the naming of the park either La Reina del Rio State Park or Taylor Yard State Park.  n/a 
10/25/2004 A structure in Hermon is currently slated for nomination as a Historic Cultural Monument. Designed by Russian architect Alexander Zelenko, it's noted for its unique style similar to a Russian dacha. The ASNC will submit a letter of support to the City's Cultural Heritage Commission.   n/a 
10/25/2004 The ASNC will have an entry in the Northeast Holiday Parade, December 5, 2004, and will use a classic car.  n/a 
10/25/2004 A committee was created by the ASNC to unify and leverage efforts of municipal, state and federal agencies and community groups to revitalize the Figueroa Corridor and create an Arroyo Seco Historical Cultural District. The Arroyo Seco HCD will preserve the areas architectural and environmental integrity while developing and marketing the District as a destination that will provide jobs for area residents, an increased tax base for the county and a significant addition to Los Angeles's array of visitor attractions.   n/a 
10/25/2004 The ASNC supports Measure A, the proposed countywide 1/2 cent sales tax dedicated to hiring additional law enforcement officers.   n/a 
10/25/2004 Changing the ASNC meeting date will be deferred to the new Board and will be scheduled in January. 
11/22/2004 ELECTIONS  n/a 
12/27/2004 HOLIDAY - NO MEETING  n/a 
1/24/2005 Hermon Neighborhood Association was approved for $480 to fund Bushnell Way third graders to have representatives from Audubon Center at Debs Park present a wild life program in conjunction with their curriculum.  $        480.00
1/24/2005 A request from Mt. Washington was approved for an allocation of up to $1700 for a computer and software at La Casita Verde Infant Care Center, serving 3 child care centers and 4 school-based Early Childhood Education programs. That is 1/2 of the total needed. Historic Highland Park will be requested to share the other half.  $     1,700.00
1/24/2005 The newly elected ASNC officers are: Pat Griffith, President; Ida Simms, Vice President; Maggie Barto, Secretary; John Acosta, Treasurer; and Scott Rubel, Registrar.   n/a 
1/24/2005 The fourth Monday of the month retained as the regular meeting date.
1/24/2005 Donnette Thayer approved for position as ASNC Administrative Assistant  n/a 
1/24/2005 The ASNC decided to attend the building and safety meeting hearing for proposed houses on Oneonta to require a builder to make a presentation to ASNC before building and safety approves anything. A zone variance is being asked for. Letter to be provided to Jim Thompson, a stakeholder, to take to building and safety.  n/a 
2/28/2005 Request via Mt. Washington local issues committee requesting $1000 for research for Southwest Museum's future use.   $     1,000.00
2/28/2005 Rosemarie Marquez: Reported on Women's History Month and Rock Rose Gallery. Artist are invited to perform. Art lessons are also beginning. Rosie Hamlin is the featured artist of the month. Rosemarie is seeking assistance and wants to pay $50 for each performer and there are nine performers. A motion was made to give $450 to Rosemarie  $        450.00
2/28/2005 Sheryl Getman recommended buy a microphone, case, and a Public Address system for the dance classes at Ramona Hall. Total amount is $800. The motion was amended to make Sherri Nourse in charge of making the purchase and perhaps add to the purchase some stands and should be available to all ASNC groups when needed  $        800.00
2/28/2005 Patrick Botz-Forbes passed signature signing training audit  n/a 
2/28/2005 ASNC requests of the DWP to be provided with early notification and input on matters such as changes in delivery of services and rates increases, short and long term planning, significant improvement projects: LADWP regional liaisons to work directly with your Councils and help short cut the distance between problems in your community and solutions; actual participation in the LADWP budget prices, including budget training workshops for your representative; education and training regarding the organization and operation of LADWP; the ability to monitor the delivery of services to your neighborhood; annual meeting in each of the sever Los Angeles Neighborhood Council areas where stakeholders can bring matters of concern directly to the attention of LADWP management.  n/a 
2/28/2005 ASNCAlert created as an ASNC adhoc committee  n/a 
2/28/2005 Appointment of a stakeholder as representative to the Steering Committee of the Mt. Washington Elementary School Library and Community Center  n/a 
3/28/2005 The ASNC voted to approve $400 for bilingual posters and flyers for local schools announcing the Arbor Day celebration in Sycamore Grove Park on April 23.  $        400.00
3/28/2005 The ASNC supports a no kill policy for animals in Animal Shelters in the city of LA.  n/a 
3/28/2005 The ASNC reaffirmed its position that the Autry take responsibility for maintaining the Southwest Museum, the oldest Museum on LA. Comments in favor said everything in our power must be done to keep museum open.  n/a 
3/28/2005 ASNC to authorize a letter requesting expedited distribution of funding for verandas at Montecito Park  n/a 
3/28/2005 ASNC to begin the process of changing the name of Avenue 43 to Lummis Drive.   n/a 
3/28/2005 The ASNC will send a letter to Councilman Ed Reyes expressing stakeholders' concern for the future of Latrobe Street, where a parcel is currently for sale. The concern that Latrobe will be closed and create a serious safety issue.  n/a 
4/25/2005 Alice Hartwell appointed Director of Animal Welfare.  n/a 
4/25/2005 ASNC enter into committee to develop a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the DWP - Peter Parrish appointed as ASNC representative to the oversight committee  n/a 
4/25/2005 Traffic Safety Committee to meet with Sycamore School regarding traffic problems  n/a 
5/23/2005 Funding for NELA Bikes! Bike Summer  in the amount of $350 for Sound System/sound man and $449 for the fee to use the Sycamore Grove Park band shell, total $799.00  $        799.00
5/23/2005 Hermon Annual Picnic Committee requests $479.59 for a promotional and outreach vinyl banner, 25 posters, and 3000 fliers to be inserted in Association newsletters  $        427.59
5/23/2005 Telephone Information Cards for Sycamore Grove $297.69 for 1,000 double sided cards.  $        297.69
5/23/2005 Passed motion in support of Interim Control Ordinance   n/a 
5/23/2005 Draft a letter to Assemblymember Goldberg requesting that the Santa Monica Conservancy fulfill their brush clearance obligations in Elyria Canyon  n/a 
6/27/2005 Hire a part-time assistant for approximately 20-25 hrs per month to coordinate, develop database, map and facilitate distribution of database of projects in Planning Dept. for approximately $375 – 500 per month. Board will approve Job Description, and give final approval before hiring an individual.  $     6,000.00
6/27/2005 Hire youth interns for trail maintenance and invasive weed abatement in Debs and Elyria Canyon Parks through NE Trees and Los Angeles Conservation Corps for $1,100 per full day, or a maximum of $15,000.  $    15,000.00
6/27/2005 MHIA requests $400 for a new banner  $        400.00
6/27/2005 ASNC adopt budget as presented by the Treasurer and roll over all unspent funds (~23000) into Community Projects.  n/a 
6/27/2005 ASNC to support "Not a Cornfield" temporary art project  n/a 
6/27/2005 Support Silver Lake NC's efforts to make proactive recommendations directly to City Council.  ASNC will ask to direct the City Clerk to (a) assign a Council File number to all official correspondence from Certified Neighborhood Councils containing original recommendations for City Council action, and (b) refer the matter to the appropriate Council Committee.   n/a 
6/27/2005 Letter to be sent to Villaraigosa requesting neighborhood council input in the City Commissioners, DONE, and Dept. of City Planning and BONC commissioner appointment process  n/a 
7/25/2005 New Elections rules: Preprint ballot-return envelopes; approve ASNC Election Procedures for 2005 as presented and authorize Rules & Elections Committee to make changes required by Independent Election Administrator and DONE; rent a post office box @ 100 dollars for six months locally; establish a recruitment committee with Rose Aleman, Samantha Allen, Gloria Schneider and Bill Rumble  $        200.00
7/25/2005 Revise approved expenditure for Solar Sound/NELA Bike Event for additional $50  $          50.00
7/25/2005 $150.00 to hire entertainment for a community event at the Dog Park.  $        150.00
7/25/2005 Apply for funding under a Community Beautification Grant to restore natural landscapes along hiking trails in Debs Park, with ASNC pledging up to $2,500 as a matching contribution toward the project, upon participation of other NCs.  $     2,500.00
7/25/2005 The Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council supports alternative forms of transportation in our region, specifically the use of bicycles to ease traffic congestion and air pollution. ASNC urges the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works to look at alternative alignments, with local stakeholders, to the proposed Arroyo Seco Bike Path that would increase user safety, while allowing for future water quality and ecological restoration projects  n/a 
7/25/2005 Approved Catherine Luijt from LA32 to be hired via PDQ Careers as a Planning Projects Clerk, with a six month review.  n/a 
8/22/2005 The Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council (ASNC) recommends to the General Manager of the LADWP that LADWP recognize the Solar Program as a “major customer program” with “significant changes” planned for FY2005-06 compared with FY2004-05 and provide notification as stipulated in the MoU.  n/a 
8/22/2005 The ASNC endorses the Solar Photovoltaic Incentive Program with an equitable distribution of the funding allocated across all customer segments and urges DWP to begin accepting new applications for rebates as soon as practical; additionally the ASNC strongly urges DWP to allocate one-half of the Solar Photovoltaic Incentive budget be allocated to the Small category as defined in Section 2.2.  n/a 
8/22/2005 The LADWP should remove the LADWP-Installed Solar Photovoltaic Projects from the Solar Program and instead fund these Projects as part of the Power Systems Capital Improvement Program as a “solar carve out”.  n/a 
8/22/2005 Accept Lezle Stein as replacement for the direction of animal welfare (DAW)  n/a 
8/22/2005 Carol Jacques to establish a Social Justice Ad Hoc Committee  n/a 
8/22/2005 ASNC to participate in the Northeast Los Angeles Holiday parade   n/a 
8/22/2005 Create a March 1, or a preceding weekend for a "Lummis Festival."  n/a 
8/22/2005 Host a Council District 14 candidate forum in conjunction with HHPNC and GPNC  n/a 
8/22/2005 Create a standing rule to cover appropriate delegation of authority to committees and liaisons to act on the Board's behalf on a matter of continuing interest to the board to the rules and elections committee.  and should go to rules and elections and be brought back to the full board.  Moved to take to the rules and elections committee.  n/a 
8/22/2005 Approval of building planned for the lot located at 4547 Cleland Avenue proposed by Thomas Ferrer of Suarez Architects  n/a 
8/22/2005 ASNC shall declare that Latrobe remain a street; communicate to CD1 Councilman Ed Reyes and City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo that the issues of public service and pubic safety warrant that the city uphold its own prescriptive interest; the The ASNC recommends purchasing the property be a last resort for the city; and ASNC forward the above information and motion to Gloria Molina and the County of Los Angeles in order to ensure that the street is placed on the list of public streets  n/a 
8/22/2005 ASNC draft a letter to the contractor of the development at Berenice Place in order to make him aware of the concerns of the residents, providing a courtesy copy to Councilmember Reyes, Villaraigosa, and Dept. of Building and Safety  n/a 
9/26/2005 The ASNC recommends to the agencies in control of these two pocket parks on the corners of Ave. 43 and the 110 Freeway that they be named Louis A. Quirarte Park to commemorate his vision and accomplishments. 
9/26/2005 Redesignate deputy registrars, excluding current candidates for Board seats.  Maggie Barto, Scott Folsom, Patrick Botz-Forbes, and Bill Rumble to be new registrars
9/26/2005 The Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council hereby ratifies the Charter for a Citywide Congress of Neighborhood Councils on the day, September 26, 2005.  By this act the council signifies its intent to join the Congress as a member with full rights and privileges
9/26/2005 The LADOT work responsively and collaboratively with the Traffic Calming Study Group on the recommendations of its report; and
9/26/2005 The LADOT keep ASNC apprised of the evaluation and status of the following recommendations:
9/26/2005 Moving the “Stop Ahead” sign that is north of Division/Cleland further from the stop sign.
9/26/2005 Installing an all-way stop sign at Division/Primavera.
9/26/2005 Installing a center island or chicane in the area south of Division/Primavera to prevent documented cross-cutting to the opposing lane – in a manner that will not obstruct pulling in or out of existing driveways.
9/26/2005 If this does not prove practical, the LADOT should evaluate installation of planters as inexpensive traffic calming alternatives.
9/26/2005 Speed cushions, which, unlike speed bumps, allow buses and emergency vehicles to pass without interference, are widely used in LA County but are not yet approved by LADOT as traffic calming devices.  The LADOT should consider using them in this area as a case study for an inexpensive traffic-calming tool.
9/26/2005 If funding for the aforementioned traffic calming facilities is not available, the LADOT should provide cost estimates for the every one of the devices that it otherwise finds feasible.
9/26/2005 In addition to the traffic calming measures related to speeding, the LADOT should keep ASNC apprised of the evaluation and status of the following traffic reduction recommendations:
9/26/2005 Replacing the text sign prohibiting vehicles over 6000 lbs. at Division/Cypress with a contemporary symbolic sign – a truck in a circle with a slash through it, with “TRUCKS OVER 6000 LBS PROHIBITED” below it.
9/26/2005 Undertaking traffic studies to determine the source and direction of traffic flow on Division and contributing paths; with a general objective as to how to divert traffic, and specific objectives to evaluate the following proposals to discourage cross-cutting traffic to and from nearby arterials:
9/26/2005 Installing a no left turn sign to Division from Avenue 33 and a no right turn sign to Division from Avenue 42 in effect weekdays during the a.m. peak rush hours.
9/26/2005 Timing the stoplight at Eagle Rock Boulevard/Avenue 40 to encourage through traffic to stay on Eagle Rock rather than cutting through Avenues 40 and 42 to discharge onto Division. 
9/26/2005 An increase in the unused allocation for the Yappy Hour from $150 to $207 for entertainment for the 10/7 "Dog Toberfest" Yappy Hour at Hermon Dog Park and "Hermon Advance Organization" is requesting of the ASNC is for a 3' X 10' reusable banner for $ 135, plus tax, from Quick'r Print'r.  $57
9/26/2005 $1000 to assist in building a fence to protect Flat Top from dumping and graffiti and retain the garden $1,000
10/24/2005 The ASNC request that the MTA give us an agreed-upon, written landscaping plan for the area on both sides of the Gold Line Tracks, through our ASNC boundaries.  We ask that this plan include trees and plantings to cover the fence line.  We ask that the MTA provide and official contact person and meet with our representatives regarding three items:  This proposed landscaping plan, the plan for the area's maintenance, and the plan for communication with landscaping contractors.  We ask that this plan then be communicated to all necessary departments within the MTA.  The MTA should send a representative to talk with us.
10/24/2005 New Standing Rules:
10/24/2005 The ASNC Board appoints Liaisons for an annual term , terminating with the ASNC Board year. Specific areas of responsibility are established when these individuals are designated to represent the ASNC at other organizations and at City departments.  The Liaisons will be listed on the ASNC website.
10/24/2005 The Board establishes policies and supports the Liaisons. The ASNC Board must approve all signatory agreements, letters of support and sponsorships.
10/24/2005 The Liaisons shall keep the Board and stakeholders informed about other organizations and various City departments and shall help to achieve ASNC goals.
10/24/2005 The Representative/Liaison to the LADWP should act as other Liaisons, providing input to both the ASNC Board on DWP items and serving as the sole point of contact with the LADWP.  Specifically, this representative is empowered to request information from LADWP and to request meetings with LADWP staff and management
10/24/2005 The Representative to the LADWP Oversight Committee needs to receive guidance from the ASNC Board before negotiating modifications to the MoU, before the Oversight Committee votes on Significant Programs, and before the Oversight Committee votes to expand their own powers or their Standard Operating Procedures.
10/24/2005 In case of a Board vacancy, the Board shall appoint the individual who received the next highest number of votes at the last election until the next General election.  If that individual is unable to assume the Board position, the Board, with the recommendation of the Membership from that area, shall appoint a replacement from that area until the next General election in November.  That Special Election at the General Meeting will be announced one month in advance
10/24/2005 Resolved that the ASNC should send a letter to the Planning Department requesting that the developer of properties at 4735, 4741, 4753, 4759, 4765 and 4771 Cleland Avenue and at 3860 West Point Drive be required to present environmental assessments of their proposed construction plans.
10/24/2005 Resolved that the ASNC should provide a letter of support to Mount Washington’s Sea View Lane residents who are asking that proposed development at 4274 Sea View Lane—recently approved by the Planning Department over the objections of neighbors-- be referred for review to Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission.
10/24/2005 Resolved that issues pertaining to homeless encampments within the boundaries of the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council be referred to the NC’s Social Justice Committee.
10/24/2005 Resolved that the ASNC should provide funding up to $200 to support the Carlin G. Smith Recreation Center’s Halloween event.  $        200.00
10/24/2005 Resolved that the ASNC should send letters to City Council representatives requesting that environmental reviews be required for all exceptions to Specific Plans the Planning Department and that the oversight process for Specific Plans be amended to allow for timely feedback from Neighborhood Councils.
10/24/2005 $2500 to help with the Lummis Day event  $     2,500.00
10/24/2005 Support for additional Community Beautification Grants for Mt Washington Pedestrian benches along Jack Smith hiking route and Southwest Museum beautification project, without dollar support.  
12/12/2005 Support and funding of $300 to cover the rental of 5 canopies, kids jumper, cotton candy maker, and purchase of waters, juices and sodas for a Pet Fair on February 4, 2006.  $        300.00
12/12/2005 ASNC supports the idea of the Native Ways Learning Center in concept, but holds off full commitment until we are presented with specific details as to the extent and the impact that a permanent facility would entail.  Until then we support the use of the land for education and community benefit so long as that no permanent structures are put in place and that the parkland is not endangered in any way.
12/12/2005 ASNC abstains from having an opinion regarding the appeal regarding the property at 4274 Sea View Lane and revokes the submission of our previous letter.
1/23/2006 Election of Board Officers: President-Those nominated for president were Candice Johnson and Jim Thompson. Jim Thompson received the majority vote. Vice President-Patrick-Botz Forbes and Bill Rumble were the candidates. Bill Rumble received the majority vote. Secretary-Maggie Barto maintained the position. Treasure-Pat Griffith was the only nominee. Elected by acclamation. Registrar-Candace Johnson was the only nominee. Won by acclamation.
1/23/2006 Minutes were corrected to remove the phrase that the Audubon society does support the Native Ways School. Approved as corrected.
1/23/2006 Elect representative and alternate to LA Neighborhood Councils Congress.  Bill Murray won the majority vote. The alternate became Peter Parrish who won by acclamation.
1/23/2006 Elect Representative to City Attorney-Neighborhood Council Regional Roundtable Discussion.  Ida Simms won by acclamation.
1/23/2006 Elect representative to NC/Planning MOU AD-HOC Formation Committee.  Zara Schoville was nominated and won by acclamation.
1/23/2006 Election of Committee Chairs:
A.   Public Safety: Bill Murray will continue. Samantha Allen will continue as emergency preparedness sub committee chair.
B.  Transportation: There was a question on the need for the committee. Motion to disband the committee on transportation. Motion passed.
C.  Social Justice: This committee was started because of homeless problem near the museum. Other issues may come up and there is a need for this ad-hoc committee. It was moved to retain the Ad-Hoc Social Justice committee. Carol Jacques will continue as chair. Motion passed.
D.  Hospitality: Committee will continue. Sheryl will continue as chair.
1/23/2006 Election of liaisons: Northeast open space and transportation have not recently met. Motion to retain the current liaisons until the president reappoint and the board confirms. Sam will continue NELA.
1/23/2006 Confirm and/or establish Job Description and advertise for existing staff positions. Admin Assn. and Planning Asst. Motion that unless the president objects, continue with the positions and pending his confirmation advertise them. Motion to establish one position be the same.
1/23/2006 Request from Hermon Area Chamber of Commerce for the ASNC to join. Motion that ASNC spend 50 dollars to join. Motion passed.  $          50.00
1/23/2006 Motion to request for The Hermon Advance team $270.62 from ASNC funds to purchase 50 T-shirts for "Clean Team." Volunteer to wear during monthly cleanups for identification, safety, and recruitment purposes. Motion passed.  $        270.62
1/23/2006 ASNC should send letter of support for the new changes to the Protected Tree Ordinance. Asking us to write a letter of support in adding two more trees that are being protected. No opposition from Mt. Washington local issues. California black walnut and western sycamore.
1/23/2006 Lummis Day Festival. Board approved and allocated funds for June 4,2006. ASNC will be an official sponsor.
1/23/2006 Motion proposing a special meeting time in two weeks to discuss all from the remaining agenda items. An amendment to delete item 21. Will start will red flag agenda item. Also anything new and pressing that may come before the board. Motion passed. Next meeting 2/6 at Ramona Hall.
1/23/2006 Confirm our support for Central HS #13(at Taylor Yard and support project approval of the environmental Impact report
2/6/2006 Have the Public Safety Committee handle the Red Flag Day issues. Committee has to conform to the Brown Act.
2/6/2006 All Board members may serve as Deputy Registrars
2/6/2006 Grievance Committee Carol Jacques, Joe Riser, Jeff Chapman and Scott Folsom volunteered.
2/27/2006 Minutes from January 23 meeting and minutes from February 6, special meeting were approved as read.
2/27/2006 confirm Bill Rumble and Patrick Botz Forbes as secondary signatories for our ASNC financial transactions.
2/27/2006 we advise the City Planning Commission that Cellular wireless tower at Coptic church has not been given enough process through our local issues subcommittee and no presentation to our board, We recommend they postpone for thirty days. Friendly amendment that Cingular send a representative to represent plans for the cellular tower to Mt. Washington local issues committee.
2/27/2006 Hiring of an Administrative Assistant:approve Jim's selection of Mary Quirarte for the Administrative assistant
2/27/2006 Recreation and Arts Election: The board has the choice of electing a replacement for Candace Johnson. Samantha Allen, and RuthAnne Tarletz gave their qualifications. Pat Griffith read the statement of Lewis Wong. Voting was by hand count. RuthAnne won the election
2/27/2006 Election of Registrar: RuthAnne volunteered 
2/27/2006 we provide the $5000, for Heritage Square Fence Project.   $     5,000.00
2/27/2006 ASNC write a letter voicing concerns about the potential for adverse affects on a regional basis should have a focused environmental analysis determination under CEQA regarding traffic and alternative forms of transportation regarding Marmion way traffic issue.
2/27/2006 ASNC disapprove of new rush hour gold line, urges City officials to request that LACMTA to reinstate the prior schedule of six trains per hour at all stops, and recommends that any support of express service be conditional on additional express being implemented only as additional service to this baseline.
4/3/2006 Appointment/Election of Area Representative for Sycamore Grove: Motion for Barbara Lopez to become the next Rep
4/3/2006 Hermon Local Issues: Motion, ASNC should approve the purchase of a 3X8 foot one color reusable banner at a cost of $92.02.   $          92.02
4/3/2006 ASNC should approve funds necessary to send ASNC Board members to the NUSA conference in Kansas City, Missouri from May 24-27,2006 for Jim Thompson, Bill Rumble, AJ Mora and Scott Folsom. The people named can be replaced if necessary.  ~$2500 
4/3/2006 funding in the amount of approximately $400 in matching funds with Northeast Democratic Club for planting of tree and placement of memorial placard in memory of Louis Quiarte and urge CD 1 to name the park Louis Quirate Park. Amendment to form a committee to make sure the project takes place.
4/3/2006 funding in the amount of $1394 for pet waste bag dispensers in Hermon Dog Park.  $     1,394.00
4/3/2006 prepare a letter of endorsement for the creation of a stroller and environmentally-friendly trail up the slope at the Northeast portion of Debs Park. 
4/24/2006 Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as corrected. 
4/24/2006 Jeff Chapman has resigned as the Community Non-Profit representative of the ASNC and that he will be replaced by Chris Contreras, the second-highest vote-getter for that position as provided by under the ASNC election rules. 
4/24/2006 ASNC should approve funding in the amount not to exceed $2000 to fund the Arroyo Seco Museum Magnet School recorder orchestra, an after-school music program." A budget summary was given. Motion seconded. AN amendment to fund $864 to fund one more quarter.  $     2,864.00
4/24/2006 ASNC should approve funding in the amount of $1500 for MHAPPA for improvement and maintenance of the Public Easement at the end of Montecito Drive and as reimbursement for prior expenses as such reimbursement becomes allowable by DONE.   $     1,500.00
4/24/2006 Request from Southern California Historical Society for community support for efforts to repair protect, and maintain El Alisal, AKA Lummis Home.
4/24/2006 ASNC should support with a CIS the DONE recommendation to the City Council that would allow Neighborhood Councils to use their funds to give grants to non-profit organizations that service their areas.
4/24/2006 Request for letter supporting the efforts of Greater Cypress Park NC opposition to the Burnell drive Extension Development Project in Cypress Park, Per resolution passed by the ASNC Mount Washington Local Issues Committee. 
4/24/2006 Motion to approve funding for $2600 for Recreation and outreach.  $     2,600.00
5/22/2006 ASNC appoint five people fron our NC to attend the East Area Caucus Neighborhood Council (912 Review Commission caucus) at the congress of neighborhood councils. Failing Board members, we attempt to get the remaining members from stakeholders. Motion passed. Five people are Bill Rumble, Scott Folsom, Ruthanne Tarletz, Eliot Seculer, Jim Thompson, with Patrick Botz-Forbes as the alternate. 
5/22/2006 The ASNC should request a cessation of the new construction on Cross Ave. until the residents and the city can come to an agreement regarding enforcement of the hillside ordinance and Mt. Washington/Glassell Park Specific Plan provisions addressing construction on sub standard streets. 
5/22/2006 ASNC should adopt a resolution advising the City of Los Angeles of the need for a more comprehensive review of infrastructure deficiencies when granting exceptions to Hillside Ordinances and variances to the Mt. Washington-Glassell Park Specific Plan. Eliot Sekuler, to go to PLUM and CD14.
5/22/2006 The ASNC supports immediate cessation of the systematic granting of variances/exceptions to Hillside Ordinances and the Mt. Washington Specific Plan without comprehensive reviews of each application and a subsequent public forum, including presentations by the builder/developer before an appropriate ASNC Committee. 
5/22/2006 The ASNC prepare a letter for appropriate city land use, preservation, and rend control agencies expressing continued support for Historic-Cultural designation of the Monterey Trailer Park in its present form in the community of Hermon.
5/22/2006 ASNC prepare a letter for the city council offices requesting the addition of a bulkhead and pedestrian sidewalks along the east side of Monterey Road from 6304 to 6336 Monterey Road .
5/22/2006 ASNC should provide $650 in funds to vendor Mika Color in Hermon as payment for the printing of 3,000 copies of a detailed, updated map of the Hermon community. (Maps will be distributed to all Hermon households and be used for various community identification and planning projects, including emergency preparedness) 
5/22/2006 The ASNC assist the Hermon Community in seeking a City Cultural Historic designation for the "Old Car Wall," on Terrill by supporting the expedited restoration of the wall itself and by providing funding not to exceed 1500 dollars and to retain a designation consultant to see Hermon through the City processes. City has to maintain the wall and would be required to restore to original state if it is declared historic.   $     1,500.00
5/22/2006 Request for funding by Hermon in the amount of $846 to off-set expenses, including poster, flyers, food, drinks, tablecloths, plates, napkins, cups, entertainment and two emergency preparedness kits for the Fourth Annual Picnic in the Park.   $        846.00
5/22/2006 The ASNC should support the Mt. Washington Homeowners Alliance in their efforts to survey and reach-out to homes affected by the Red Flag day parking restrictions. The MWHA will create the survey and track it while the ASNC will provide the funding to print and distribute the survey to the approximately 1500-1800 homes within the Mt Washington area, the cost of which will not exceed $800. An amendment: In addition the survey will contain out reach information for ASNC and will include a solicitation for ASNC registration to be determined by the registrar.  $        800.00
5/22/2006 to support proposed Recreation and Parks Department Park Rangers to be based in the City's large Regional Parks such as Griffith Park and Debs Park.
5/22/2006 Paula Sirola and Marty Morse to take part in the trip to Kansas City
6/26/2006 Motions to endorse or affiliate with another organization require a simple majority vote, take effect upon passage and remain in effect until the next June 30th, at which time they automatically expire. Motions to renew the ASNC's endorsement or affiliation may be made at any Board meeting and, following passage, take effect on the July 1st immediately following the June 30th expiration.

"If an organization which the ASNC has endorsed or affiliated with takes an action that is a departure from that organization's basic philosophy or stated objectives, the ASNC Board must be so informed and the Board may then consider withdrawing its endorsement or affiliation or demand that the ASNC name not be associated with the action.
6/26/2006 Approve the Finance Committee's recommended budget for 2006-07.
6/26/2006 Approve moving $5,000 of the remaining unspent balance of the 2005-06 budget into Communications/Outreach and the remaining unspent balance into Community Projects.
6/26/2006 The ASNC moves to co-sponsor the Monterey Hills Federation Jazz Festival and provide up to $10,000 in co-funding for the event.  $    10,000.00
6/26/2006 The ASNC should provide $5,000 for the fiscal year 2006 – 2007, for the employment of Youth Employment Trainees through North East Trees or Los Angeles Conservation Corps for trail maintenance in Elyria Canyon Park   $     5,000.00
7/6/2006 Minutes were approved as corrected.
7/6/2006 Request for funding in the amount of $1,490 for “Yappy-Bark-Day, a regional summer event at the Hermon Dog Park celebrating our area, dogs, recreation, the arts community and care for downtown dogs in need Funds would pay for advertising in two large regional newspapers. Plans are for a comedians and a puppy party.
7/6/2006 comply with city requirement (Article 1 of the Charter) for self-assessment survey of Community stakeholders under the direction of DONE. The section of what is required was read and what we might put in the survey. The outreach committee should head the survey. Jim Maggie, Jerry, and Pat will make up the committee.
7/6/2006 Approval of election procedures with any changes required by DONE to meet current required Election Procedures.
7/6/2006 ASNC Board should endorse July 15, 2006 as Day of Mourning for the Southwest Museum. 
7/24/2006 ASNC President Jim Thompson should write a letter to all registered stakeholders explaining the current dilemma involving changes to the ASNC bylaws, inviting them to attend the September meeting where this issue will be addressed. That the geographic representatives will be given a roster of the stakeholders in their area so that they may contact their constituents by e-mail or phone or in person, also asking them to attend the meeting. That this motion will be addressed at the top of the agenda so that the stakeholders will not be inconvenienced, and that there will be refreshments provided and allocate 300 dollars.  $        300.00
7/24/2006 Request for Board Approval of additional second signatory for ASNC payment approval. We need to have someone that has taken the training course. Two hours of training and is scheduled on an as need basis. RuthAnne Tarletz was nominated and approved.
7/24/2006 establish an ASNC Emergency Preparedness Oversight Committee which will coordinate local emergency preparedness needs for all of the ASNC communities.
7/24/2006 ASNC should provide matching funds with Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council not to exceed $2.220 for the Highland Park/Arroyo Seco Music Festival to be held on alternate weekend than August 27  $     2,200.00
7/24/2006 ASNC should provide funding in an amount not to exceed $3,899 for the purchase of an outdoor marquee sign for Bushnell Way Elementary School to help communicate school and community activities and events to parents, students, and neighbors.  $     3,899.00
7/24/2006 ASNC should write a strongly worded letter concerning safety issues of two stairways, and fund the installation of a new sprinkler system not to exceed $2500 for the repair and improvement of two stairways-one connecting Cleland Ave. with Frida Drive, the other third stairway connecting Olancha Drive and Oneonta Drive. Should see if City agencies will pay first.  $     2,500.00
7/24/2006 The ASNC should provide funding not to exceed the amount of $600 for stakeholder outreach in connection with an August outdoor meeting of the ASNC Mt. Washington Local Issues Committee to be held at Cleland Bi-centennial Park.  $        600.00
7/24/2006 ASNC should provide funding in the amount of $597 per person to send up to three representatives to a Grant writing workshop at USC from September 6-8, 2006. The designated representatives would be available to assist in writing grant proposals for ASNC issues and programs. . Jim Thompson, Bill Rumble and RuthAnn Tarletz accepted  $     1,791.00
7/24/2006 ASNC should provide funding not to exceed the amount of $600 to fund design of a logo for the second annual Lummis Day event to be held in June, 2007.  $        600.00
8/28/2006 ASNC should allocate the sum of $1000 for the winner of the logo contest, which will determine the official logo for the ASNC. There will be prizes for the different levels and one for the overall winner. This board will choose two and then one will be chosen the winner. The money will come of the outreach budget.  $     1,000.00
8/28/2006 ASNC board should file a Community Impact Statement with the LA City Council in full support of City Council Motion 06-1648
8/28/2006 ASNC should send a letter expressing its position in support of a proposed LADWP rate of 2.75% for fiscal years 06/07/08 by the October 3, 2006 deadline for public comment. In April they recommend an increase for July and that DWP accept and implement the 20 cost cutting measures recommended by the BWG.
8/28/2006 The ASNC should provide funding in the amount of $500 for improvement/maintenance of the ‘Jessica Triangle’ located at the intersection of Cleland Ave. and Jessica Drive in Mt. Washington. One hundred dollars for plants and four hundred for labor.  $        500.00
8/28/2006 he ASNC should confirm the recommendation passed at the Mt. Washington Local Issues Committee held on August 9, 2006 requesting a Mitigated Negative Declaration for two single dwellings at 4331 and 4335 East Glenmuir Ave. 
8/28/2006 The ASNC should confirm the position taken in a letter dated August 15, 2006 and sent to the Los Angeles City Planning Dept. on the draft Mitigated Negative Declaration for seven single dwellings at 4735 E. Cleland Ave.
8/28/2006 ASNC should provide funding in the amount of $2000 for a ‘Back to School survival Pack Give-away. Was done already and included haircuts and music. This was outreach to the community.   $     2,000.00
8/28/2006 The ASNC should provide funding in the amount of $2000 for the harvest festival and health fair.  $     2,000.00
8/28/2006 The ASNC should provide funding in the amount of $3000 for the Arroyo Seco/Highland Park Outdoor Youth Arts Training Program.  $     3,000.00
9/25/2006 Bylaws amendment:    Clarify ambiguity in the word ‘member':

  Change “Board Member” to “Representative” everywhere in IV.6.b/c and V.4.a/b/d,
  Change “Member” to “Representative” in IV.6.c,
  Change “member of the Board of Representatives” and “Board member” to “Representative” everywhere in Article VI,
  Change “Community member” to “member” in VII.2,
  Change “board and non-board members” to “Representatives and non-Representatives” in Article VIII, and
  Change “board members” to “Representatives” in IX.3 and IX.6. 
9/25/2006 Bylaws amendment:  Add to the existing Article IV, #1 in the middle of the second sentence the following: “, bylaws amendments”

so that it reads:
1. “Powers of the Board.

The governing body of the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council shall be the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council Board of Representatives (The Board). Subject to the powers reserved to the Members in Article V, the Board has the power to establish policies, procedures , bylaws amendments and positions of the ASNC, and to review and recommend actions to governmental and other entities on issues affecting the ASNC community.” 
9/25/2006 Bylaws amendment:  Add to the existing Article IV, #1 in the middle of the second sentence the following: “and Article XI”

so that it reads:
2. “Powers of the Board.

The governing body of the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council shall be the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council Board of Representatives (The Board). Subject to the powers reserved to the Members in Article V and Article XI , the Board has the power to establish policies, procedures and positions of the ASNC, and to review and recommend actions to governmental and other entities on issues affecting the ASNC community.” 
10/4/2006 The ASNC should allocate $500 to cover the cost of the Pizza Tasting contest finals which was held at the ASNC Bylaws meeting on September 25, 2006.  $        500.00
10/4/2006 The ASNC should allocate $250 to purchase materials and refreshments for a “re-opening ceremony” to mark the rehabilitation of the Nob Hill-Cleland Avenue Stairway and to officially thank Councilmember Jose Huizar and his field representative, Amy Yeager, for their efforts in facilitating those repairs.  $        250.00
10/4/2006 The ASNC should request that CD 14 and the Los Angeles Parks Advisory Council investigate types of funding available to undertake repairs and improvements to the Carlin G. Smith Recreation Center.
10/4/2006 The ASNC should provide a letter of support for the second annual Lummis Day: The Festival of Northeast Los Angeles, scheduled for June 3, 2007.
10/4/2006 The ASNC should create an official scroll for official presentations to recognize individuals or groups who have provided service to the ASNC.
10/4/2006 Funding by ASNC in the amount of $5,000 for the Mt. Washington School Multi-purpose room to cover one-time expenses including cost of insurance.  $     5,000.00
10/4/2006 The ASNC should work with CD 14 and the DWP to install two floodlights at the Cleland Bi-Centennial Park and should assume costs of up to $50 per month to underwrite their operation. DWP will install the lights, but not pay for electricity. Amended to a maximum of $600 for one year.  $        600.00
10/4/2006 The ASNC should write a letter of support for the Anahuak Youth Soccer Association urging appropriate city and state officials to allow the group, whose were part of the 38 organization coalition for the State Park at Taylor Yard, and whose work was responsible for the creation of the Taylor Yard soccer fields, allow NELA children to have adequate access to the soccer fields for its soccer teams. 
10/4/2006 The ASNC should earmark $3,500 for the second annual Lummis Day Festival, to be used for the production of banners and stage and sound system rentals.  $     3,500.00
10/4/2006 The ASNC should provide funds in the amount of $1,500 for weed abatement and clearing of hiking trails in Debs Park   $     1,500.00
10/23/2006 Unless otherwise outlined in the motion at the time ASNC funding is requested approved expenditures for community projects must begin with in six months, or by the end of the current council fiscal year (whichever is longer), or they will automatically lapse. 
12/4/2006 ASNC to provide input on a northeast interim control ordinance staff report which suggest possible amendments to the Mt. Washington, Glassell Park Specific Plan. ASNC to sanction a task force to examine the specific plan and inform planning staff to remove ambiguities from specific plan.
12/4/2006 Presentations and motion concerning the current appeal before the East L.A planning commission of the specific plan permit and mitigated negative declaration for residences located at 501,518, and 521 Furness Ave. Mark Slater presented slides. Environmental questions were asked and there is a need for an in-depth study of the effects. Motion was amended to remove the word full in the last section 
12/4/2006 The ASNC should approve the attached motion titled, “Proposal for Development of Four Single-Family residences at 801 Cynthia Avenues.”
12/4/2006 The ASNC should adopt the attached motion titled, “Blight on Marmion Way.”
12/4/2006 The ASNC should create and post: “No Tagging! $2,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of taggers” in Cleland Park, The Oneonta Stairway and the SW museum station, Marmion Way and on Mt Washington Drive.
12/4/2006 The ASNC should provide funds for an ASNC logo not to exceed $1,000 for Matt Cramer to continue developing an ASNC logo subject to ASNC approval.  $     1,000.00
01/22/07 New president is Ernie Sanchez, Vice president Eliot Seculer, Secretary, Maggie Barto, and Treasurer, Pat Griffith.Registrar, RuthAnne Tarletz.
01/22/07 Amend Article III of the ASNC Bylaws (membership) Adding “or are parents of guardians of students attending school located within the ASNC boundaries to the definition of a stakeholder. 
01/22/07 Amend Article II of ASNC Bylaws (Membership) striking the sentence in its second paragraph that now reads, “All members shall show some proof of stakeholder status at the time of registration.
01/22/07 ASNC Logo Samples of the new loge were passed out. Discussion on each one and Logo # 1 passed 
01/22/07 Two people were appointed to represent The ASNC on Budget Day. The two are Joseph Bray-Ali and Darlene Roker 
01/22/07 The ASNC should provide a letter of support for the Arroyo Center for Art and the Environment to prefer more open space. 
01/22/07 The ASNC should create a five year review task group to prepare a cumulative report for stakeholders, and potentially for BONC’s review. This ad hoc group would consist of six members to be appointed by the council presidents, to include two current board members, two past board members, and two registered stakeholders who have never served on the board. The group would report its progress to the board every other month until work is completed, but no later than the regular board meeting for September 2007 
01/22/07 Discussion and review of ASNC website to include the Forum section and funding for the future. This forum must be a legal forum. We need to get bids for the expenses Pat and RuthAnne will chair meeting to decide what will be done. Motion will be brought to the next council meeting 
01/22/07 The ASNC should file a community impact statement with City Council in support of council file 07-0049 calling for five year status reports from certified neighborhood councils to the Board of neighborhood Commissioners. 
02/26/07 Treasurers report-Pat Griffith: There are new edicts from the general manager. 25% of our budget should be spent on outreach and 50% on community projects. The new policy is very restrictive about only the executive board can get and receive reimbursements. (we don’t have an executive board) It has been suggested that the treasure convey all the problems with this edict.
02/26/07 Sign on with Constant Contact or a similar ISP to provide formatting for the ASNC Outreach newsletter, that foes out l x per week. 
02/26/07 Modify our Budget for this current year to move $100 from operations to outreach and 3000 from meeting expense to out reach. $4000 to go to Outreach 
02/26/07 Move to advertise and select individual(s) /business(es) for tasks. Advertisement to be via our ASNCwebsite and ASNC Alert and other local, free e-mail lists. Due date for applications and proposals to be three weeks from February 26 Board meeting. Administrative Assistant, Webmaster, General Meeting transcribing Secretary, and Booking assistant. 
02/26/07 Establish a committee of elected officers and volunteers to review applications for these positions, meeting after three weeks, when applications are received, and that committee select individuals/businesses to be ratified by the Board at the March meeting. 
02/26/07 Provide some education to all our Board members on how to update the calendar and forum sections of the ASNC website. 
02/26/07 The Arroyo Seco NC supports the proposed modifications to the NC-DWP Memorandum of Understanding. (MOU) 
Property in CD14 and borders Elyria Canyon. The developer has pieced together several properties and applies for development. The developer has been asked for an EIR but hasn’t done that. Mt. Washington wants the letter written again. Motion to resend the letter 
03/26/07 Approval of minutes from meetings of Jan 22, 2007 and Feb 26, 2007 
03/26/07 hire Maxine Cain to be transcribing secretary 
03/26/07 ASNC support installation of a basketball court at Hermon Park in place of, or as an addition to, existing tennis courts there. Discussion about placement of basketball court, either over a current tennis court or where the old maintenance shed is currently. 
03/26/07 ASNC board ask Councilmember Jose Huizar's office to closely follow Councilmember Tony Cardenas pilot program in his district which calls for abandoned shopping carts to be collected within 48 hours of a complaint by the Bureau of Sanitation, andbe ready to use the study's findings in CD14 as well. 
03/26/07 ANSC board support to demolish a neglected, nuisance property at 5812-1/2 Monterey Road through the city's Nuisance Abatement office. 
03/26/07 links to public property information sources, such as LADBS Parcel Profile, LA County Assessor Maps, Navigate LA, ZIMAS, be provided on ASNC website. 
03/26/07 Amend a sample petition to change the name of Avenue 43 to “ Lummis Drive ” 
03/26/07 make a sample petition approved 
03/26/07 the City of Los Angeles, principally through the cooperative efforts of Council Districts 1 and 14, which are served by the helipad and share Debs Park, find the means to transfer the property from the Department of Water and Power to the Department of Recreations and Parks, thus accomplishing the following: permanency of the helipad with the ability to improve it, expansion of Debs Park to contiguous land, maintenance of the site by the nearby Recreation and Parks personnel, protection of valuable open space, access by the public to the periphery of the site with its views and nature, the elimination of the present fence line to mitigate an endemic dumping problem, and an end to the questions hanging over the community about the eventual disposition of the site by the DWP 
03/26/07 funding of $1835 for the ASNC Dog Training Program-Lezle Stein. Friends of Hermon Dog Park to be site of classes for dog problem-solving classes for people that cannot afford group or private classes.   $     1,835.00
03/26/07 continue search for administrative assistant and bookkeeping assistant, drop search for the webmaster position 
03/26/07 take a position on the LA River Revitalization draft Master Plan, requesting that the Arroyo Seco be a linear extension of the five sites  
04/23/07 Minutes approved second time with correction of date 
04/23/07 The ASNC should request that the City Attorney begin targeted prosecution of, under Los Angeles Municipal Code para. 28.04, the placement of commercial signs on public property within the Arroyo Seco communities by developers and commercial real estate sales ventures.  (Note: Suggestions for repeat offenders within the ASNC boundaries can be made available upon request)
04/23/07 the ASNC purchase one bench and one trash can for a memorial project in Elyria Canyon to remember both Lucille Lemmon and Pat Sampson.  Total requested: $1280   $     1,280.00
05/22/07 the ASNC file a community impact statement (CIS) in support of City Council motion #07-1164-S1 (Huizar-Wesson; dated May 11, 2007, and referred to Planning and Land Use Management) instructing the Dept. of Transportation to install permanent ceremonial street signs identifying the locations of city Historic Cultural Monuments #736 and 802 on Monterey Road in the Hermon community. 
05/22/07 ASNC board file a community impact statement (CIS) in support of City Council motion #07-0460 (Huizar-Garcetti; dated Feb. 13, 2007) calling for a city ordinance that would require a discretionary review of historic significance and public notification before demolition permits are issued for buildings 45 years old or older
05/22/07 letter of support for the Chicken Boy statue to go up on Future Studio's roof. 
05/22/07 Provide funding for 10 campers at $100 per grant for the Audubon's Summer Camp at Debs Park   $     1,000.00
05/22/07 The 5-year-old Hermon “Clean Team,” a self-funded, all-volunteer group, requests financial support for its 3 rd community “Great Hermon Clean Up” on June 2, in the amount of $95 – ($45 for pickup truck rental and $50 for the volunteers' lunches.)   $          95.00
05/22/07 Public Safety Committee, and Public Safety Emergency Preparedness Project, Northeast Transportation Coalition, Northeast LA Open Space Coalition, 912 Review Committee be dissolved 
06/25/07 Minutes from May, 2007 approved 
06/25/07 1) [A letter] restating ASNC support of the Coalition's continued work; to provide a viable museum destination for the public at the original historic site.

2)  Specific support for the conceptual plan, dubbed the “Alternative Plan” or win-win vision, that illustrate the community's vision for an enhanced museum combined with the stated needs of Autry (education and cultural center). The main points are revitalizing the historic museum for museum display of the SW Collection (via the sound plans of Brenda Levin) and adding new exhibition space that addresses the space deficiencies stated by Autry, the parking deficiencies as stated by Autry, and adding economic and attendance generators like the restaurant.

3)  Opposition to the Autry expansion proposal in Griffith Park because it removes the Southwest Museum collection from the Arroyo Seco and unnecessarily negatively impacts public parkland and increases commercial activity in public parkland. SEE HANDOUT. Discussion on issuing a new statement of ASNC's position regarding the Southwest Museum and the Friends of SW Museum Coalition, Scott Rubel. 
06/25/07 Joe Riser volunteers to be acting registrar. 
06/25/07 Budget approved
06/25/07 4 absences dictating a vacancy of a seat.
Sara Lopez is removed from the seat.
06/25/07 accept rules as written by Eliot Sekuler. See for supporting documentation.
06/25/07 ASNC should update and add the list of its official posting locations for agendas to the Board’s Standing Rules 
06/25/07 Presentation of preliminary budget for 3rd annual Lummis Day program and request for financial commitment from ASNC 2007-08 fiscal year funds, in the amount of $4000 to cover educational programs, production, printing, and advertising expenses.   $     4,000.00
06/25/07 renew interest in LANCC and vote for Bill Murray as ASNCs representative 
07/23/07 Minutes from May 2007 approved. Minutes from June 2007 approved 
07/23/07 J. Michael Walker, a visual artist, approved for Recreation, Culture and the Arts Representative 
07/23/07 Sylvia Robledo approved for Sycamore Grove Representative 
07/23/07 Jeremy Dillard is new Monterey Hills Representative 
07/23/07 amend the newly approved budget to move $350 per quarter from Community Projects to Other Meeting Expense to cover our expected Admin Asst. & Secretarial expenses. 
07/23/07 Ann Walnum new liaison for Friends of the Southwest Museum Coalition 
07/23/07 Request from Friends of Hermon Dog Park for $925 to cover the following at dog adoption event on October 13th:

a. $600 for canopy rental to shade the dogs up for adoption

b. $125 for billboard paper and ink (the cost of billboard rental is free for one month)

c. $200 for Newswire Service which goes to over 60 outlets including newspaper, radio, television and websites.
 $        925.00
07/23/07 ASNC should oppose the granting of a liquor sales permit for a convenience store planned for 5526 Monterey Road, formerly Acoustic Blend market, in Hermon 
07/23/07 the ASNC supports the plan for the Matas to open a coffeehouse market at 5526 Monterey Road with a proviso that they not sell alcoholic beverages. 
07/23/07 Sponsor a repeat of last year’s outreach activity “Pizza in the Park” for the August 15th Mt. W. LI meeting. The amount will include pizza, drinks, picnic materials, and publicity, not to exceed $500.   $        500.00
07/23/07 prepare a resolution calling for improved funding for public transportation and forward it to the Congress of Neighborhood Councils for support 
07/23/07 Request that the City study and present options for improving pedestrian safety for crossing San Rafael Avenue in the vicinity of Sea View Drive, including a marked crosswalk at this location. 
07/23/07 Request that the City study and present options for improving the drainage at the intersection of San Rafael Avenue and Glenalbyn Drive. 
07/23/07 The Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council asks the Department of Recreation and Parks to repair the boundary fences and gates of Debs Park to preclude passage of motorized vehicles. 
07/23/07 The Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council asks that the City replace chain link fencing on the Avenue 43 bridge over the Arroyo Seco Parkway with a decorative fence in keeping with the cultural, historical, and natural importance of the area. 
07/23/07 The Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Councils wholeheartedly supports the NELA Open Space Plan and those of the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority to seek willing sellers at fair-market prices in the hilltops of Northeast Los Angeles, thus preserving open space in an ever more dense city. 
08/27/07 Minutes of July meeting were approved 
08/27/07 Ann Walnum new liaison for Friends of the Southwest Museum Coalition 
08/27/07 provide a letter of support for Northeast Trees application for a prop. 40 Grant to help fund that organization's participation in the “An Urban Forest in Every City” program. This wants to train at risk youth 
08/27/07 ASNC to allocate funds, not to exceed $1000, to re-landscape the area on both sides bordering the stairway connecting Oneonta Drive and Olancha Drive.   $     1,000.00
08/27/07 In the interest of more frequent communications with and accountability to stakeholders, The ASNC president should prepare and send a letter to all those registered recapping this years activities and accomplishments, in advance of any formal elections mailers and materials being sent in the fall.Also would be put on the website. 
08/27/07 Allocation of ASNC funds to purchase portable translation equipment to be used at board meetings, local issues, and other neighborhood council activities, as needed. Estimated cost not to exceed $1,800.   $     1,800.00
09/24/07 ASNC fund up to $5,000 to support the Heritage Square Community Beautification Grant to continue replacing the barbed wire around the property with beautiful Victorian-era wrought iron, red brick masonry columns, new planters and greenery, and possible additional lighting.   $     5,000.00
09/24/07 funding of $500 to purchase a table at the 16th Annual Access Awards Luncheon to be held Monday, October 15, 2007.   $        500.00
09/24/07 The OSC does not recommend any Water and Power base rate increases, reliability or deferred maintenance adjustments, surcharges or pass through increases at this time because it has not been given the full 120 day notification as provided in the MOU; further, the OSC recommends that the Neighborhood Councils support that the 120 day NC review period should begin upon the date of the first Huron Presentation, August 18, 2007. 
09/24/07 Zara Scoville elected Registrar/Outreach chair
09/24/07 restating a possibly earlier than 2005 motion calling for the renaming of Avenue 43 as Lummis Drive 
09/24/07 provide funds not to exceed $1,600 for the purchase of a rider lawnmower for the athletic field at Los Angeles International Charter High School in Hermon; rider mower – approx. $1,600; (from Hermon Local Issues at the request of LAICHS Co-founder Clifford Moseley).   $     1,600.00
09/24/07 provide funds not to exceed $2,000 for materials and supplies (rented game booths and giveaway prizes) for the 8th annual Harvest Festival (held on Halloween night) at Hermon Community Church (from Herman Local Issues at the request of Hermon Community Church)   $     2,000.00
09/24/07 letter of support and authorization of matching funding in the amount of $5,000 by the ASNC for the Marmion Way Beautification Project   $     5,000.00
10/22/07 Maximillian Vasquez of Highland Park Chamber of Commerce presented Fair Market business owners and brothers Andrew, Kenny and Tony with a certificate of appreciation. Field Deputy Zenay Loera of Councilman Jose Huizar’s office CD 14 presents Fair Market owners with a certificate of appreciation for 21 years of service. 
10/22/07 support Northeast Trees proposal to Los Angeles County Health Dept. Policies for Livable Active Communities and Environment (PLACE) Grant proposal to create policies to get people to walk, ride bicycles, for their own health. 
10/22/07 purchase of graffiti removal towels and 25 canisters, total cost $527.17, for the Hermon “Clean Team.” 
10/22/07 hang a banner over Ramona Hall for the upcoming ASNC elections at a cost not to exceed $300
10/22/07 Next meeting be held on December 17th 
12/17/07 ASNC should accept the invitation of Los Angeles International High School in the Hermon Community (625 Coleman Ave, L.A. 90042), to hold its first regular meeting of 2008 on their campus
12/17/07 allocate funds not to exceed $300 to cover cost of food and supplies for a "thank you" reception (to be organized and prepared by Hermon stakeholders) for outgoing board members, and a "welcome" for new board members and guests, the evening of the first 2008 meeting on January 28 
12/17/07 CIS against new City NC election proposals