Motions passed at the ASNC Special Meeting 2/12/04:

From Pat Griffith, ASNC President:

The following are the motions passed by the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council at the Special meeting on February 12 at the Montecito Heights Senior Center:

Flat Top, Montecito Heights

Presentation by Tom Berg and Chuck Arnold of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy

Motion: Move that the ASNC give its support to the acquisition of Flat Top by the Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy, which would entail signing on as a supporter and sending a letter. Approved unanimously.

Friends of Southwest Museum Coalition

Presentation by Nicole Possert, Coalition

Motion: ASNC join the Friends of the Southwest Museum Coalition as a supporter. Approved unanimously. Luis Quirarte appointed as the liaison to the Coalition

Arroyo Seco Parkway

Presentation by Nicole Possert, Consultant to CalTrans

Motion: The ASNC Board co-sponsor the CalTrans presentation on the Draft Corridor Master Plan Presentation on 2/26, 7pm at the River Center. Passed Unanimously.

Support for Gold Line Quiet Zone

Presentation by Larry Hoffman and Jim Leong

Motion: ASNC monitor the Gold Line related proceedings regarding South Pasadena's proposed quiet zone and as soon as they are completed we reserve the right to have our own hearings. Passed unanimously.

Motion: The ASNC authorize the president to respond in the name of ASNC to the Federal Government on the Federal Railroad Administration's proposed quiet zone rules via e-mail and that she have the power to do that in the ASNC's name. Passed Unanimously.