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Budget and finance Committee



Cycleway Coffee

5526 Monterey Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90042

Thu, Oct 20, 2009 – 7:00 p.m.


I.          Opening remarks and welcome to membership *

II.        Stakeholder comments on non-agenda items within the scope of committee’s mandate ** (2 mins. ea.).


III.       Old Business:

A.   None


IV.       New Business:

A.   New Community Project Funding Request – Discussion of the following new motion:

i.      $2000, Watering of 20 trees for 1 year between 2900-4978 Figueroa  [Category: Environment & Beautification] – Motion to allocate up to $2000 in community project funds to Northeast  to water 20 trees for one year at locations on Figueroa Ave from 3900 to 4978 Figueroa (which borders the HHPNC).   [Request Originator:  Aaron Thomas, Northeast Trees]

B.     Next B&F Meeting (TBD) .


 V.       Adjournment.


* The ASNC Budget and Finance Committee is open to all Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council stakeholders

** (from ASNC Bylaws): ART. VIII (COMMITTEES) All committees shall be composed of both board and non-board members.  The following Standing Committee[s] shall be established.  3) Budget and Finance Committee shall be chaired by the Treasurer.  The committee shall be responsible for the oversight and admin of all ASNC financial matters, & shall present a proposed budget for board approval annually.


The purpose of the ASNC [is to]: 1) Provide a forum for discussion and review of ASNC issues and projects; 2) Engage stakeholders in deliberation and collaboration on matters affecting the community; 3) Promote participation in City governance and decision making processes, and to promote greater awareness and utilization of city services available to (ASNC) stakeholders; 4) Work with other neighborhood councils, communities and organizations on issues of common interest; 5) Advocate ASNC issues to government and private agencies, where there is widespread community agreement; 6) Inform and educate community stakeholders and residents of forthcoming projects, events, and resources available.


[Please direct questions about this meeting announcement to the committee chair at (323) 823-3046; ASNCtreasurer@gmail.com]