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August 28, 2017 7:00pm

Ramona Hall
4580 North Figueroa, LA, CA 90065

Regular Meeting Agenda

Minutes of the Meeting

Supporting documents:


a) Move that the ASNC Board approves the Monthly Expense Report for July 2017.
b) Move that the ASNC Board approves amendment to the 2017- 2018 Budget

a) Letter of Support for Stones Throw Records' proposed "Stones Throw SuperFest", a free music event in Sycamore Grove Park on November 4, 2017
b) Letter of Support for Adams Forge at Heritage Square Museum.
c) Letter of Support for Divest LA.
d) Letter of Concern for RecycleLA the new City of Los Angeles waste collection contract.

a) The Board moves to adopt and submit LANCC statement regarding Board of Neighborhood Commissioners' attendance policy.
Because the Board of Neighborhood Commission (BONC) could not achieve a quorum and the Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition (LANCC) Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council respects the work and effort of the Commissioners of the Board of Neighborhood Commission (BONC). For its efforts to be effective, the commission must institute an attendance policy so that the Commissioners will be in attendance to do the work of the Neighborhood Councils. We also ask the Mayor's Office to review the attendance of the current Commissioners, and if any Commissioner has missed five meeting in the last twelve (12) months, the Mayor asks for that Commissioner's resignation and be replaced by an individual who will fully engage the Neighborhood Councils and the work they do, while fully representing the policies of the Mayor of Los Angeles. It is also critical that we request Mayor Garcetti to include respective Area Neighborhood Councils in the vetting process of persons being considered for appointment to the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners that represent that area. The Commissioner not only represents the policy of the Mayor, but also represents the issues of the Neighborhood Councils in that area.
b) CF 17-0330 - Wells Fargo Divestment: The Board moves to submit a CIS supporting Divestment of the City's finances from Wells Fargo.
The Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council recommends that the Los Angeles City Council advise, through its Budget and Finance Committee, the City's Office of Finance to divest from Wells Fargo Bank (and any other financial institutions investing in the destruction of our environment) and to reinvest those funds in responsible financial institutions that respect the rights of all individuals to be treated fairly and equitably, and protect the environment. The establishment of a public bank for the funds of the City of Los Angeles should be considered in conjunction with the divestment movement. During the major economic crash of 2008, the State Bank of North Dakota turned record profits while private institutions were forced to ask for public bailouts. This type of control over funds allows investment opportunities directly benefiting the City, where opportunities include: rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, transitioning to a green energy grid, and bolstering public transportation
c) CF 14-0366-S5 - The Board moves to submit a CIS supporting Minority-owned Business participation the Los Angeles cannabis industry.
The ASNC supports the Cannabis Enforcement, Taxation, and Regulation Act as an important first step towards establishing a community-forward framework for the regulation, enforcement, and taxation of recreational marijuana in the City of Los Angeles. Additionally, we support the effort to promote equitable ownership and employment opportunities for communities that have been disproportionally impacted by the war on drugs through the implementation of the Social Equity Program included but not fully developed in the draft ordinance.
d) CF 17-0002-S105 - U.S. Raised Immigrant Youth: The Board moves to submit a CIS in support of the City's proposedresolution supporting HR 3440, the Dream Act of 2017.
The Arroyo Seco neighborhood Council supports resolution, introduced by our own councilman Gilbert Cedillo to ensure that beneficiaries of the DACA law known as Dreamers, can work, go to school, and give back to their communities in the open without fear of deportation. Because these individuals are already contributing to our local economic growth by using their talent and skills to be teachers, nurses, engineers, and business owners to make Los Angeles shine even brighter, we urge the Los Angeles City Council’s adoption of this resolution supporting H.R. 3440, the Dream Act of 2017, to allow certain U.S. raised immigrant youth to earn lawful permanent residence and American citizenship.
e) CF 17-0274 - Affordable Housing Linkage Fee: The Board moves to submit a CIS in conditional support of the proposed affordable housing linkage fee
In order to address the growing housing crisis in Los Angeles, the City has proposed a permanent, new source of funding for affordable housing by establishing an affordable housing linkage fee. Collected revenue from this fee, levied on new development projects, would be directed to the Housing Impact Trust Fund. More than 150 cities in California currently require developers to help fund the building of affordable housing, including Pasadena, West Hollywood, San Francisco, and Oakland; Los Angeles does not. The housing crisis and the homeless crisis are inextricably linked. Affordable housing is not only a proven and effective part of the city’s homelessness prevention strategy, it will provide our lower-income neighbors the opportunity to live in decent homes and to make Los Angeles a more livable city. Since 2010, the city has lost 75% of its state and federal funding for affordable housing, and we applaud the authors of this motion to look to developers for a stable and dedicated source of local funding to build affordable homes in Los Angeles. While we support an Affordable Housing Linkage Fee in concept, we feel key details are unspecified in the existing ordinance. The method of calculating fees needs to be better thought out. As the fee is based on net new floor area, developers who remove RSO units from the market and replace them with an equivalent amount of for sale floor area will not contribute to the fund. Preserving RSO units is a crucial component of solving our affordable housing crisis, and developers who remove these units from the market should be required to pay into the fund. We would also like to see more specifics on how the fund would be utilized included in the ordinance.
f) CF 17-0447 - Oil and Gas Development/Impact on Resident Health and Safety: The Board moves to submit a CIS in support ofthis motion to develop Land Use codes related to the health impact of Oil and gas operations.
g) CF -17-0831- Bank of Los Angeles: the Board moves to support the creation of a publically controlled "Bank of Los Angeles".