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Subject: [ASNCAdmin] Fwd: ASNC Application for Funds Form Submission     (Pastor Manny Martinez (proxied by J. Riser))



The following request for $1600 in community project funds for the Hermon Community Harvest Festival has been forwarded to the Hermon Local Issues Cmte for review.


Mark Legassie

Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council, Treasurer

Department of Neighborhood Empowerment

City of Los Angeles


Ph: 323-895-MARK (6275)



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Subject: ASNC Application for Funds Form Submission (Pastor Manny Martinez (proxied by J. Riser))

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Organization:  Hermon Free Methodist Church


Street Address:  5718 Monterey Road


City, State, ZIP:  L.A., CA 90042


Website (if any):


Contact Person:  Pastor Manny Martinez (proxied by J. Riser)


Email Address:


Contact Person's Telephone:  (323) 256-2654


Amount Requested ($):  $1,600.00


Funding Need Date (mm/dd/yy): October 1, 2010


Total Project Budget if applying for event or capital project ($): est. $2,800.00  (cash outlay)


Donations received (or expected) for this project from businesses, citizens, other gov't entities ($): TBD


Community Project Category (select one) - examples provided denote only a sampling of the types of projects available and are not a complete list:

Festivals & Recreation – e.g. limited-duration festivals and events for the public.  Instructions:  Complete Items 1-3 & 7 below (Item 8 optional)


Category name (if none of above):


1.        Summary of Request:  In the space below, briefly describe the purpose of the request, activities to be undertaken, target population —including ethnicity, gender, income level and estimated number of individuals — geographic focus and other relevant info regarding the request.

Example: Purchase sign for a community clinic that serves more than 1,000 low-income individuals, predominately, Latino & Asian  immigrants in the Montecito Heights, Hermon & Sycamore Grove areas.


The [Oct 31st ] Hermon Community Harvest Festival  is an annual event hosted by the Hermon Community Church in cooperation with local schools.  For 7-8 years now, it has provided a free, fun, and safe place for area families to spend Halloween.  In past years the festival has offered a jumper, game booths, prizes, and other carnival activities.  The target audience is stakeholders of Hermon and the surrounding neighborhoods of Monterey Hills, Montecito Heights, Sycamore Grove, and Mt. Washington, plus others.


2.        How will the community be impacted by the proposed project and how will it benefit the neighborhood?  Rationale:  Community projects must directly benefit ASNC communities. Concerns about who & how many individuals will benefit from such projects also need consideration. Issues of  access and fairness need to be addressed (e.g. if a project is approved to plant trees on one street corner, justification should be provided as to why that street corner needs trees or clean-up versus other street corners).

Each past year, the Harvest Festival has provided an opportunity for many hundreds of people from the greater ASNC area to leave their homes and come together to have fun, participate in an atmosphere of goodwill, and socialize.  The festival will once again provide a free booth to the ASNC for community outreach. (According to Hermon's Local Issues Chair, past Harvest Festivals are responsible for registering more ASNC stakeholders than any other similar annual event).


3.        How has your organization attempted to obtain donations from local businesses, citizens, and/or govÕt agencies to offset expenses for this community project?

Rationale: Community groups cannot expect all funding to be provided by ASNC but should first look for other sources, including businesses, citizens, council districts, public agencies (e.g. Cultural Affairs), and other affected neighborhood councils.


The church partners with Bushnell Way Elementary school, L.A International Charter High School, as well as members in the community to promote, set up, and staff the event. The church provides the location, insurance, restroom facilities, lighting, PA/sound system-equipment, some games, raffle prizes, staffing and set up/clean up crews. As donations from church members become available, they are used to provide some treats.  LAICHS volunteer students help with the set-up and staffing of the booths, as part of their required "community service" hours. In the coming weeks, local businesses will also be contacted about helping with other costs and supplies.


4. In what ways will the ASNC's financial support of this project be acknowledged & publicized? Examples: ASNC sponsorship mentioned in a prominent way on outreach materials, listed on the event or sponsoring group's website as a financial supporter, and listed in printed programs and display tables.  (Note: The ASNC should be asked to provide appropriate text and design for advertising).  The ASNC is already (and has been each past year), featured as a sponsor on the pre-printed flyers with logo, etc. A copy of that will forwarded to the ASNC Treasurer.  ASNC is also mentioned prominently in all other publicity.  Throughout the event (approx. each hour), if the ASNC staffs a booth, people attending will be encouraged to stop by that booth to find out more about their local neighborhood council and also register as stakeholders.


5.        If this is for a capital improvement project, specify location and permits obtained (or in-process of obtaining).  Provide copies of permits and insurance with application.  Rationale: Capital improvement projects should be on public property, with coordination with the appropriate city agency (i.e. Street Services, Fire, Rec & Parks, etc).  Appropriate permits need to be in place, and insurance may be required depending on the nature of work that will be performed.




6.        If this is for program services (ie. after-school program, graffiti removal, etc), describe the selection process used to establish participants if for select group of individuals.  Provide number of participants.   

Rationale: If for a select group of individuals, a fair selection process should be created to establish participants. The service program needs to be provided by a legitimate non-profit/consultant. A neighborhood council or its members should not provide these services.




7.        If this is for equipment and supplies, describe specifically who will benefit and how it will be controlled.  Rationale: Equipment and supplies for either public or private organizations can only be used for the benefit of the local community.  Purchases intended for private and/or paid use are not allowed.  Must be labeled as ASNC-purchased material and properly controlled/inventoried. Cannot be turned into private property or salvaged without prior approval by Dept of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE).




8.        If this is for an event, describe the intended audience, location and entry requirements.  Rationale: Events must be open to the public.  There should not be an admission charge.  If the event is on private property, insurance may be needed.  If the event is on city property, appropriate permission/permits from city departments may be needed (i.e. street services, LAPD, R&P, etc)


The event's intended audience is the people in the ASNC neighborhoods, and beyond. It is open to the public and free of charge. The game booths, candy, and jumper are free to all, as well. Arrangements are made each year with the CD14 Council offices each year if any permissions are required, although the event is held completely on private property. CD14 also helps promote the Harvest Festival in its own e-mail newsletters, etc.


9.        If this is for a sign, banner or advertisement, describe the contents.  Provide a copy of the artwork with the application.   Note: Banners, signs and advertisements must include the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood CouncilÕs name and/or logo.




9.        Other - please provide other important information necessary to better understand your organization or the specific needs of the targeted group or community that this request will serve. In several past years, Harvest Festival organizers have requested and received $2,000 from the ASNC.  Because it's understood that NC budgets have been cut and that ASNC stakeholders have reduced the amount budgeted for festivals, this year's request has been decreased by 20 % already.  If/when additional private donations are secured, every attempt will be made to spend even less than the requested $1,600, if possible. (Last year's came in $100 under budget).  The organizers are very grateful for continued ASNC support.  


DECLARATION: By checking the box below the applicant named above declares that the information provided in this form is correct. Agree


This application requires the following supporting documents be provided to ASNC before approval can be obtained.  EMAIL DOCUMENTS TO ASNCTREASURER@GMAIL.COM.  Check all boxes that apply. Copy of estimate/invoice (actual bill req'd for payment), Letter of acknowledgement & thanks from receiving agency, Copy of artwork for banners, signs & ads




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