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October 2006 - meeting date October 23, 2006 - Regular Meeting

Ramona Hall
4580 Figueroa Street


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Supporting documents:

Current Declared Candidates - ASNC Elections, Nov 27th
ASNC Elections 2006 - read all about them here
Highland Park NC and ASNC Sponsored Music Festival - Oct 15th
Dias de los Muertos/Day of the Dead event - Oct 31 to Nov 2
A Safe and Sound Halloween for Dogs - Lezle Stein, ASNC Animal Welfare Liaison
Community Beautification Grant - volunteers needed Nov 4th
Treasurer's Spending Report - 3/20/04 thru 10/31/06 (web page)
Treasurer's Income/Expense - 3/20/04 thru 10/31/06 (web page)
DONE's FAQs (Rules and Regulations) - regarding our spending procedures