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"September" 2006 - meeting date October 4, 2006 - Regular Meeting

Ramona Hall
4580 Figueroa Street

Agenda - pending

Motions Passed - not yet available



Approval of Election Procedures - DONE (pfd file)

Supporting documents:

ASNC Logo Competition - Theme, rules, etc ...
Approved Election Procedures for 2006
- DONE (pdf file)
Coyote Brochure "Keep Me Wild" - Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (pdf file)
Treasurer's Spending Report - 4/01/04 thru 9/30/06 (web page)
Treasurer's Income/Expense - 3/20/04 thru 9/30/06 (web page)
Proposal for Clearing Hiking Trails in Debs Park - Jerry Schneider

Proposed ASNC Agenda Item - Lewis Wong
Recommendation about Care Facilities - from Eagle Rock NC (pdf file)
1st Annual Northeast College Fair - Flyer, Sept 23 (pdf file)
Honor the Womens Club - Invite from CD14, Sept 29 (pdf file)

Results of ASNC's Pizza Tasting Contest - Charlie's Trio the winner
Mt. Washington Parking - Some Restrictions Apply
Hermon Local Issues Meeting - Minutes from 9/13/06
Eagle Iron Works - DW Has Been Paid