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June 2006 - meeting date June 26, 2006 - Regular Meeting

Ramona Hall
4580 Figueroa Street

NOTE: because the ASNC was not able to complete the Agenda for Monday, June 26, the Board decided to hold a continuation meeting on Thursday, June 29, where the rest of its Agenda, some of which is time-sensitive, could be addressed.


Motions Passed - not yet available



The Bylaws issue - letter to DONE
Letter of support for the ICOs - Pat Griffith
Letter of support for the ICOs - Jim Thompson
Letter requests support for “Yappy Bark-Day!” - Lezle Stein
New Plan for ASNC Emergency Preparedness - Mark Legassie, Hermon
New Hermon Emergency Preparedness Committee - activities 2006

Supporting documents:

ASNC Elections Procdures - MS Word document
DONE Election Procedures - Article - pdf file
DONE Election Procedures - Sample - pdf file
2005 Ballot-MontecitoHts - Sample - pdf file
2006 ASNC Annual Budget - Treasurer
2004-06 ASNC Cumulative Budget - Treasurer
ASNC Treasure's Report - Expenses - 7/1/2005 to 6/30/06
ASNC Treasure's Report - Income/Expense - 3/20/2004 to 7/14/2006
Self-Assessment Process - Required every two years by DONE - pdf file