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May 2006 - meeting date May 22, 2006 - Regular Meeting

Ramona Hall
4580 Figueroa Street


Motions Passed



New Agenda Item about NUSA in Kansas City - from the ASNC President
Letter about NUSA in Kansas City - DONE - Urgent
Rangers in Debs Park
- Barbara Ferris and Jerry Schneider
Hermon Picnic in the Park - Barbara Matzkin, Hermon Neighborhood Association
912 Commission Selection Process - Lisa Sarno, DONE
912 Commission Selection Process - Jason Lyon, Silver Lake NC
912 Commission Selection Process - Karl Fenske, Glassell Park NC
912 Commission East Area UPDATE - Jason Lyon, Silver Lake NC

Supporting documents:

Hermon Picnic in the Park - request for funding (MS Word doc)
Southwest Museum Celebrates Lummis Day
- with Special Exhibition
Resolutions re: building on Cross Avenue - Mt. Washington Local Issues Committeee
Motions from May 2006 Meeting - Hermon Local Issues Committeee

May 2006 Treasurer's Report - Income / Expense
May 2006 ASNC Spending - Jan. 1, 2006 to date

Red Flag Day - SURVEY - Mt. Washington Homeowner's Alliance (MS Word doc)