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April 2006 - meeting date April 3, 2006 - Special Meeting

Ramona Hall
4580 Figueroa Street

NOTE: This meeting was rescheduled from March 27, 2006 -- the backup material from 03/27/06 remains the same.


Motions Passed



Message from the President - Jim Thompson
Business Expansion on Marmion Way
- to City of South Pasadena
Follow up on LAUSD pre-meeting in Feb - Office of Councilmember Alex Padilla
Neighborhoods USA Conference - DONE invite (10 page MS Word doc)
Trail in Exterior of Debs Park - will help Bushnell Way Elementary School

Supporting documents:

Sycamore Grove Area Representative Needed - for ASNC Board
Demand Warrant Disapproved - for the Horseshoe Garden, Montecito Heights fence
Via Marisol-to-Bushnell Way Trail in Exterior of Debs Park - Hermon Local Issues (pfd file)
Outreach Projects -
Recreation, Arts & Culture committee (3 page MS Word doc)
Pet Waste Bag Dispensers - Hermon Dog Park Area
Community Beautification Grant - Trails in Debs Park
Treasurer's Report - March 2006 (html format)
Treasurer's Report - March 2006 (Excel file)

Hermon Local Issues - Minutes - March Meeting

Dear Neighbors and fellow ASNC Board members,

Regrettably, the ASNC meeting scheduled for Monday, March 27, was forced to be canceled at the last minute when it was learned that Ramona Hall was closed for the observance of Caesar Chavez Day. Although it was not a school holiday, it was a holiday for city employees. As a result, all city buildings were closed, including Ramona Hall, our usual meeting place.

The meeting has been rescheduled for Monday, April 3, 7:00pm at Ramona Hall. A new agenda has been distributed -- the backup material from 03/27/06 remains the same.

I offer my personal apologies for the inconvenience the cancelation may have caused and I look forward to seeing all of you at the rescheduled meeting on April 3.

Kind Regards,

Jim Thompson
President, ASNC