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March 2006 - meeting date March 27, 2006 - Regular Meeting

Ramona Hall
4580 Figueroa Street

- see April 3, 2006 - Special Meeting


Motions Passed - not yet available

Minutes - not yet available


Message from the President - Jim Thompson
Business Expansion on Marmion Way
- to City of South Pasadena
Follow up on LAUSD pre-meeting in Feb - Office of Councilmember Alex Padilla
Neighborhoods USA Conference - DONE invite (10 page MS Word doc)
Trail in Exterior of Debs Park - will help Bushnell Way Elementary School

Supporting documents:

Sycamore Grove Area Representative Needed - for ASNC Board
Demand Warrant Disapproved - for the Horseshoe Garden, Montecito Heights fence
Via Marisol-to-Bushnell Way Trail in Exterior of Debs Park - Hermon Local Issues (pfd file)
Outreach Projects -
Recreation, Arts & Culture committee (3 page MS Word doc)
Pet Waste Bag Dispensers - Hermon Dog Park Area
Community Beautification Grant - Trails in Debs Park
Treasurer's Report - March 2006 (html format)
Treasurer's Report - March 2006 (Excel file)

Hermon Local Issues - Minutes - March Meeting