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February 2006 - meeting date February 27, 2006 - Regular Meeting

Ramona Hall
4580 Figueroa Street


Motions Passed - not yet available



Neighborhoods USA Conference - letter from DONE
Meet Councilmember Jose Huizer - An Invitation
Heritage Square Victorian Fence Project - letter to ASNC

Supporting documents:

ASNC Board Member Needed - Recreation, Culture and the Arts Rep
Candidate Statements - Recreation, Culture and the Arts Rep
ASNC Job Offered
- Administrative Assistant
Hermon Pet Fair
- a Big Success! (see pics)
ASNC Area Planning Projects - thru 2/04/06 (Excel file)
ASNC Spending Summary, 2004-2005 - (MS Word doc)
Gold Line Express Train - Motion
LAUSD Presentation - prior to ASNC Meeting
Cingular Wireless Tower - in Mount Washington
2006 Funding Info Bulletin - from DONE (pdf file)
Hermon / Monterey Hills Local Issues - Minutes - February Meeting
Ad Hoc President's Committee - Agenda - 2/14/06