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January 2006 - meeting date January 23, 2006 - Regular Meeting

Ramona Hall
4580 Figueroa Street


Motions Passed



Habitat Restoration Grant - what's needed - from Jerry Schneider
City Attorney Roundtable Discussions - explanation from Greg Nelson, DONE

Supporting documents:

2006 Board of Directors - installed during this meeting
Representative needed - to LANC Congress (2 needed)
Representative needed - to City Attorney Roundtables
Representative needed - to NC/Planning MOU committee
Habitat Restoration Grant - along trails in Debs Park
Red Flag Days - proposed motion, Jesse Simon
Red Flag Days - maps of affected ASNC streets
Pet Fair in Hermon - Sat, Feb 4th, Hermon Dog Park
Hermon Area Chamber of Commerce - a new non-profit
Local Issues Meeting Agenda - Hermon, 1/12/06
Local Issues Meeting Agenda - Mt. Washington, 1/11/06