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November 2005 - meeting date November 28, 2005 - ASNC Elections

Ramona Hall
4580 Figueroa Street

Agenda - Election held 3pm to 9am

Motions Passed - none

Minutes - click here for Election 2005 RESULTS

Dates pertaining to the elections:

Deadline for stakeholder registration receipt to receive a ballot by mail Mon 10/31/05

Ballot addressing



Official Ballots mailed



Outreach mailer with invitation to Forum



Candidate Forum



Last Date for Mail In Ballots to be received



Deadline for Write In Candidates



Election Day



Elected Officers Take Office


Jan, 2006


Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council Calls for Candidates
The deadline to file as a candidate and appear on the ballot was Sept. 29 (see the list below) ... but any stakeholder can still become a write-in candidate !!

Positions that will be elected on Nov. 28 are:

Regional representatives for a 2-year term:
·    2 for Mt. Washington
·    1 for Sycamore Grove
·    1 for Montecito Heights
·    1 for Monterey Hills
·    1 for Hermon

One each of the At-Large representatives, each for a 1-year term:
·    Retail, Wholesale and Services;
·    Faith Based Organizations;
·    Education and Youth;
·    Recreation, Culture and the Arts;
·    Environment;
·    Community Non-Profits and
·    Health Care and Seniors 

ASNC Candidates and request for statement

Each candidate for the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council Board, including Write-In candidates, is invited to submit a statement of up to 100 words in support of his or her candidacy any time prior to the day before the Election.  Any translation is the responsibility of the candidate.  If submitted by October 21, 2005 before the Mail- in Ballots are mailed out, the statement will be distributed by the Outreach Committee with the election information during pre-election stakeholder outreach. 

Write-in candidates may submit their application to Maggie Barto at:
ASNC,  PO Box 42254,  Los Angeles, CA  90042

The current list of verified candidates for the Nov. 28 election are:

Community Non-Profits
Chris Contreras
Jeff Chapman

Recreation, Culture & the Arts
Candice Johnson

Retail, Wholesale & Service
Samantha Allen
Jim Thompson

Faith-based Organization
A.J. Mora
Messiri M. Freeman
Michele Leone Girard

Healthcare & Seniors
Carol Jacques
Annie Kaoru Sakamoto

Jerry Schneider

Education & Youth
Lewis L. Wong
Scott Folsom
Hermon Regional
Dr. Attila Revesz
Joseph Riser

Montecito Heights Regional
Scott Rubel

Monterey Hills Regional
Jeremy Dillard
Ida E. Simms

Mt. Washington Regional
Frederic I Vidal
Pat Griffith
Eliot Sekuler

Sycamore Grove Regional
Diane Grigsby 
Sheryl Getman

All candidates must be registered ASNC stakeholders.  The election is Nov. 28, and all registered stakeholders will receive a vote-by-mail ballot at the beginning of November.